About the Mario & Sonic crossover franchises called “Luigi & Tails”, “Yoshi & Knuckles”, “Peach & Amy”, Wario & Shadow”, “Toad & Cream” & etc…

.How “Luigi & Tails?” Will Actually Look!

My main adulthood dream is to be the main director/actor of my own works at Frigid Fire Animation Arm, and I would also like to make film adaptations of video game franchises (like Sushi & Steak, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, Pac-Man and Crash Bandicoot, and Nintendo franchises like Kirby of the Stars)! No matter what! I’m never going to get selfish, ‘cos I love sharing! Mario’s physical appearance does not change although he has a scanty appearance.




.The New Sonic The Hedgehog Character Designs

Well, Sonic will still be voiced by SteveGreeneComedy. & he will be a bare-furred, adult & overly lanky hedgehog in ALL my games with much thicker legs than he ever before had! He’ll rap!  Tails will be voiced by Matthew Patrick & extremely tall, although no taller than Sonic the Hedgehog. Amy Rose (her full name is actually Amber “Amy” Rose). She is 26 years old and has a broadened hourglass figure. & I will seriously have her be voiced by Emily Deschanel. When Amy is a brainy-as-Tails 26-year old voiced by Emily Deschanel who will have a lot of the Eep Crood physique, only I will make her appear tall at 5’8″ & 1728 mm. & Knuckles should STILL be voiced by Ray William Johnson from Equals =3 (I’ll convince him), & he will appear as a tall, slightly broad & determined echidna, which is his adult body frame. He will be 5’10 (178 cm tall). The other information about these heroes of Team Sonic is said in my other topics. Do you like my video game developing plans? I know, they are cool!

Dixie Kong’s New Frame Which I Should Be Putting in My Own Video Games!

That’s her. Diddy Kong’s girlfriend named Dixie Kong. I put her this time in any woman’s business suit skirt. She only appeared in 18 games, 80 TV episodes. She was around since December 14, 1995’s Super Donkey Kong 2: Diddy & Dixie aka Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong-Quest out of Japan all on the Super Famicom aka the Super Nintendo Entertainment System out of Japan! Her hair is fully yellow-blonde which her general food called slighty-lighter-than-normal-yellow bananas has the same color as. She has a banana figure in general, but I have put her with an hourglass figure. Also, she is moderately tall (she stands at 5’8″, 172 cm, used to be STILL MODERATELY TALL standing at 5’7″, 170 cm tall) for a female human adult. Because video game characters are generally at proportional human height like her, she is moderately tall. She is still fairly short for a Kong or any monkey/chimp/ape. I will later convince Kelis, the girl who performed the 2003 hit song “Milkshake” to voice her. Dixie Kong’s actual first name is Daisy. In games, they always use her middle name as Dixie Kong, but never her actual first name Daisy. Her face is an oval, 5% shorter than normal, so it is somewhat round. Donkey Kong Wiki told us her former age was 12 & her current age was 14, same as Diddy whose former age was 12 & his current age was 14. However, her actual age is 27 as she was born in December 14, 1986. Diddy was born in August 15, 1986, so he is 27 & a half years old, although they both look 14 as they are at the same time 14 years & 171 months old. Just like Archie Andrews (5’7″, 170 centimeters, 135 lbs) is 17 years & 894 months old due to his birthdate of September 02, 1922, Betty (which is her middle name due to her first name actually being Elizabeth) Cooper (5’6, 168 cm which Ray William Johnson is, 120 lbs has smaller, rounder & more proportional eyes than Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge has the same physique) is 17 years & 891 months old born October 26, 1922. Diddy’s other names are Small Kong (Small is what “Diddy” is slightly slang for, for example, they could use “Wee diddy work”) & Little Buddy infrequently in the Donkey Kong Country TV series. Despite her heavyset-looking frame like Diddy, she is actually in normal shape, the same goes for Diddy. She used to sometimes have a friendly rivalry with Diddy in the original games, but now she has a rivalry with King K. Rool & fairly Kalypso, a Kremling. She is with a British-American nationality. Her eyes are large & semi-circle shaped, like Diddy, who is still her male counterpart & most Sonic the Hedgehog animals. She is describable as with a slightly tomboyish nature. She will have a band called Justin Cyrus of Selena, a reference to the 3 famous people, the arrested Justin Bieber, the beyond-unique Miley Cyrus who should still be convinced to voice Amy Rose & Selena Gomez which my friend whom I usually hang out with on Sundays at 1:00 to 4:45 named Richard Tu told me to have a band called. Just so you know, I do not read her eyecolor. I thought it was pointless meaning I remembered, but didn’t do it! She wears a pink beret which nobody at all would or did change. Her personality is described as courageous (yet cries too much when she is hurt at least a little bit as she loses a life) to infantile (yet still brave). She is good friends with Donkey Kong. The rest of the information is on my page. Until then, post severe comments on all my pages anyone/everyone! & just so you know, Dixie Kong & Sonic the Hedgehog know each other quite well! Only shown in Super Smash Bros. Brawl which I just got in February 14, 2012 as to show people my Valentines! & yes, I spoke to & was actually with Dixie Kong in person. I know, she is an ape! & her full name is Daisy Dixie Kong! However, she was only called Daisy Kong mistakenly & frequently during Nintendo Power! Her teeth are big, goofy, white & normal, but I stylized them to be brown & flat, which the inside of her mouth frequently is, so you see, I also coloured it black. Like her boyfriend Diddy (they both have the same physique) she only towers over one member of the Kong family called Baby Donkey Kong. Her fur is brown. She still got curly yellow bangs. She is depicted as adorable. & she doesn’t have as many respective games as Diddy Kong, who has more games than her. Donkey Kong has a lot! & his face is 8-shaped with normal face-length. Donkey Kong is considered sort of overweight by Mario in Super Mario Fables 6: Bananas Episode. Dixie Kong had red hair in DKC2’s VS. Mode. & I originally thought of her to be 81% precocious ‘cos I thought of her age to be only 8! She goes out with lots of guys. Dixie is very agile & can be a rival to Luigi on agility & jumping. & Sonic the Hedgehog & Knuckles the Echidna should both wear a ponytail. So should Silver the Hedgehog (to only those who know him) & Shadow the Hedgehog. She blatantly is adventurous & likes fresh air. I’m putting her in the Super Mario Galaxy franchise.


My Video Games By Date Part 1

Season 1: Where Video Games Look More Stylized & Proportional at the Same Time!

01- Luigi Surf 1: Superstar Tour. Rating: E10+. Genre: Romance, Sports RPG, Horror.. Year of release: July 01, 2015. Platforms: Namco Game Girl, Namco Entertainment/Epic System, Maker Studios Entertainment System Genesis, Nintendo Wii U, Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, PC, Sega Venus, Atari Hounds.

02- Wario Kart: Changing Circuits. Rating: E10+. Genre: Romance, Sports RPG, Horror. Year of release: 2016. Platforms: Nintendo 3DS, Namco Genesis System, Nintendo Wii U,  Sony PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation Vita, Namco Game Girl, Sega Venus, Atari Hounds.

03- BC Place Stadium Strut-Dance! Rating: E10+. Genre: Romance, Dancing, Horror. Year of release: Mid-2016. Platforms: PC, Nintendo 3DS, Sony PlayStation Vita, Namco Game Girl, Namco Genesis System, Sony PlayStation 4, Atari Hounds, Sega Venus.

04- Mario, Sonic, Kirby & Pikachu at the Vancouver Canucks Games 1: Killer Hockey! Rating: 12+. Genre: Sports, Romance, Horror. Year of release: Late 2016. Platforms: PC, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii U, Sony PlayStation 4, Namco Genesis System, Namco Game Girl, Sega Venus.

Season 2: Actually True?!

05- Super Mario Galaxy 3: At Last! Rating: 12+. Genre: Romance, Horror, 3D Platforming. Year of release: Late 2016. Platforms: Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii U, Sony PlayStation 4, Namco Game Girl, PC, Sega Venus, Sega Mercury, PC, Sony PlayStation Vita, Namco Genesis System, Maker Studios Entertainment System

06- Kirby vs. Disney. Rating: E10+. Genre: Horror, Drama, Romance, Comedy. Year of release: Early 2017.

07- Mario, Sonic, Kirby, Pikachu, Beavis & Butthead at the Vancouver Canucks Games!            Rating: E10+. Genre: Horror, Comedy, Drama, Sports. Year of release: Mid-2017.

08- Mario Power Karate! Rating: E10+. Genre: Sports, Romance, Horror. Year of release: Mid-2017.

Season 3: Too Much Sitcoms!

09- Super Mario Galaxy 4: The Unreasonable Apocalypse. Rating: E10+. Genre: Horror, Action, Comedy, Music, 3D Platforming. Year of release: Early 2018.

10- Knuckles the Echidna: Chaos Ticks! Rating: E10+. Genre: Comedy, Romance, Horror, Action. Year of release: Later 2018.

11- Wario Kart: Triple Turbo! Rating: E10. Genre: Sports, Romance, Comedy, Horror. Year of release: Mid-2018.

12- Luigi Surf 2: What Tour Is On Next, Dude? Rating: E10+. Genre: Sports, Romance, Comedy, Action, Horror. Year of release: August 18, 2018.

Season 4: Dark, Cruel Years!

13- Super Mario Galaxy 5: Wario & Blaze Always Leaving Megaman Behind! Rating: E10+. Genre: Sports, Horror, Comedy, Romance. Year of release: November 02, 2018. Platforms: PC, Nintendo Wii U, Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft X-Box One. Namco Genesic System.

14- Luigi Surf 3: Out-of-Earth Wave Wipeout! Rating: E10+. Genre: Comedy, Sports, Horror, Romance. Year of release: January 02, 2019.

15- Your Difficult Martian! Rating: 12+. Genre: Comedy, Horror, Action, Drama, Romance, Comedy, Dancing. Year of release: January 26, 2019.

16- Overwhelming Canadian Rivalries, Featuring the Real Santa! Rating: Teen+. Genre: Romance, Dancing, Action, Horror, Comedy. Year of release: January 26, 2019.

Season 5: The 1st 2020s!

17- Wario & Sonic: Theodore’s Inside Story. Rating: 12+.

18- Super Mario Galaxy 6: Universe Torture! Rating: Teen+. Genre: 3D Platforming, Romance, Comedy, Horror, Action, Sports, Dancing. Year of release: April 21, 2019. Platform: PC, Nintendo ???, Microsoft X-Box One, Sony PlayStation 4, Namco Game Girl Expert, Namco Genesis System,

P. S. When I say “Horror genre”, I mean “not too scary for kids at the ages of 10-13”.

The physical appearances of the Private Partners characters

Marie Vega

Height: 5’3” (160 cm)

Weight: 110 pounds (50 kg)

Body width: 2’6” ft. (78 cm)

Hair: Dark blonde

Skin color: Tan/beige

Age: 23+ (born June 16th, 1996)

Body shape: Pear

Body status: Thin (but with thick, feminine thighs that are as wide and long as her buttocks at 3’0”)

Portrayed by: Elisa Kantola


Justin Pena

Height: 5’8″ (173 cm)

Weight: 147 pounds (67 kg)

Hair color: Platinum blonde

Skin color: Beige

Born: November 11, 1991 (over 3 decades old)

Body shape: Pear

Body status:

Voice actor: Ricky Tu


David Elison Kantola

Height: 5’11” (180 cm)

Weight: 242 pounds

Body width: 2’3” (

Hair colour: Brown

Skin colour: Beige

Born: January 23rd, 1995 (25+ years old)

Body status: Muscular (thighs that are as wide as they are y’all and only twice as wide as his top making his bottom equal width)

Portrayed by: Peter Gustavson


Troy Reverend Arena

Height: 6’0″ (184 cm)

Weight: 203 pounds (92 kg)

Body width: 1’5″ (46 cm)

Hair color: Cyan

Skin color: Beige

Born: November 12, 1996 (over a quarter-century old)

Body shape: Banana

Body status: Normal

Voice actor: Kieran Stark


Blagger the Peckish Lion

Height: 13’8″ (421 cm)

Weight: 5, 511 pounds (1002 kg)

Mane color: Cerulean

Fur: Bald

Skin color: Brown

Born: September 12, 1996 (over a quarter-century old)

Body shape: Pear

Body status: Normal

Voice actor: Kevin Hart


Moltbare the Disturbing Molted Seagull

Height: 1’4″ (43 cm)

Weight: 35 pounds (16 kg)

Hair/feather color: Platinum

Skin color: Black

Born: March 1, 1999 (over two decades old)

Body shape: Pear

Body status: Overweight

Voice actor: Rafael Closentre


Carson Tolentino-Vega

Height: 6’1″ (185 cm)

Weight: 180 pounds (82 kg)

Hair color: Deep brown

Skin color: Light beige

Born: January 14, 1991 (over three decades old)

Body shape: Banana

Body status: Normal

Voice actor: James Maslow


Nadine Tolentino

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Hair color: Light brown

Skin color: White

Born: March 21, 2014 (6+ years old)

Body shape: Banana (pear as a teen/adult)

Body status: Unknown (likely skinny)

Voice actor: Victoria Gomez


Margarita Helena Tolentino

Height: 6’1″ (186 cm)

Weight: 172 pounds (78 kg)

Body width: 2’3″ (71 cm)

Hair color: Light brown

Skin color: Tan/white

Born: April 6, 1970 (age 50-54)

Body shape: Pear

Body status: Thin

Voice actor: Sofia Vergara


Reuben Vega

Height: Unknown (between 6 and 7 feet)

Weight: Unknown (likely around two-hundred pounds)

Hair colour: Brown

Skin colour: Beige

Born: March 22, 1990 (over three decades old)

Body shape: Banana

Body status: Thin

Voice actor: Steve Greene










Because I’m actually wrong!

I read Daisy (5’10”, 175 cm, 120 lbs, born June 15, 1971), Peach (5’11”, 177.8 cm, 120 lbs, September 13, 1970), Waluigi & Wario are all rivals with each other – mostly Daisy with Wario & Peach (who is said to be really scary when she’s mad, I read on June 16th, 2012) because of Daisy’s tomboyish nature that would beat Wario’s clumsiness although Wario is much daintier (as in both hard to please & stronger) with Wario’s mischevious nature. & Peach against Waluigi ‘cos of her temperamental, (mistakenly described as sweet, selfless aka the antonym for selfish, thoughtful, kind, patient, positive, sophisticated, & well-mannered by all Wikis ‘cos they’re saying the over 100% opposites) fussily-appearing, easily-accused-for-losing-&-everything, accusing-her-friends-for-nothing-herself, manipulative, bossy, obvious, but fairly tomboyish, hard-to-please, ungrateful & fierce nature which matches his, although same time as Wario’s & she mostly doesn’t rival anyone ‘cos she is too gentle, anxious, gloomy & overly infantile (by having very bad habits) though she mostly is blatant rivals with her little sister, Daisy! Did you know Mario (5’1″, 140 lbs, born August 15, 1969) actually rivals his sister which Luigi (5’5″, 162.5 cm, 139 lbs, born July 15, 1971 although still younger than Peach & Wario) fairly does sometimes? & Alvin Seville (0’7″, 10 lbs, born December 14, 1996) from Alvin & the Chipmunks) & Brittany Miller (0’7″ & one thirty-second, 9.89 lbs, born September 14, 1996) from Alvin & the Chipmunks) have some rivalries?! Not too blatant! & Diddy Kong (5’8″, 171 cm, 88 lbs although physically twice that big) kidnaps Rosalina (6’5″, 196 cm, 130 lbs although physically 9 pounds slimmer ‘cos of her very long, & very slender legs) after her & Luigi’s second time after meeting each other (whereas they are slightly in love), so they slightly rival each other. It’s 84% bad Dr. Neo Cortex’s (Dr. Neo Cortex is 4’2″, 126.5 cm, 74 lbs, born November 22, 1972) niece Nina Cortex (5’3, 161 cm, 101 lbs, born June 11, 1993 rivaled Coco Bandicoot (5’9, 174 cm, 117 lbs, born March 26, 1993), instead of Crash Bandicoot, her older (because of his birthdate of November 21, 1983), & slightly shorter (at 5’6, 167 cm), & slightly heavier (at 119 lbs) brother which I sometimes mishear & think. Also, I heard that Justin Bieber (5’7″, 170 cm, 143 lbs though Bieber is plain to very thin, born Tuesday, March 31, 1994, actually has a father called Jeremy Bieber, he lost all of his fans ‘cos he had to go to jail & he was at the legal age) was Twitter rivals with Lady Gaga (5’1″, 155 cm like Mario, born 1986, said to be skinny) when Bieber was popular, ‘cos he had an aggressive side. His most rivaled person was Austin Mahone (born November 23, 1996, 140 lbs, 5’10, 178 cm despite his 13-year old singing voice) whereas their rivalry died & Austin Mahone won. I have read that Toad (born October 17, 1987, 2’10, 87.5 cm & should be voiced by Justin Timberlake) & Toadette (same physique as Toad, born Sept 14, 1990) from Mario Kart: Double Dash were moderately rivals. Beavis & Butthead see female strangers as rivals sometimes although the female strangers never rival them & the 2 boys rival them. Mickey Mouse sometimes rivals women.

So that means sometimes guys & girls actually rival each other. Wario is 312.5 lbs, 5’5″, 162.5 cm & born November 02, 1971 in Italy. & Waluigi, the elder of the Wario Bros. is about 7’3 & one third, 2.2 metres tall, is 146 lbs, & was born January 22, 1971.

Lest we forget, Bayonetta has a male arch-rival.

My Week-end & Journal Topic: My Love of 04 Seasons

Feb 15 hockey

The Britannia Ice Rink (only place where the men ever practiced skating) hockey lessons. I am number 35. I desperately wanted to try it out at the Rogers Arena because all the Mario & Sonic (Diddy Kong, Kirby from Nintendo & all Pokemons should have joined in but did not ‘cos the director didn’t think of putting up more details) confirmed characters went there but it was debatable & a goal I accepted.

Feb 15 swim

I swam with CAN (Canucks Autism Network) at the Jewish Community Centre, but unfortunately it would not happen for a very long time. I wanted & currently want to explore the whole Jewish Community Centre.

Feb 16 Snowboarding

I snowboarded (but did not go to ski or snowshoe) with VASS (Vancouver Adapted Snow Sports) at Grouse Mountain (where the Russian athletes only practiced for skiing & snowboarding for Vancouver 2010 Olympics). I actually snowboarded with a famous man (he had fame by producing at the movies) named Christian Arizaga & there was here-at-the-first-half-only-of-the-lessons Paul. There was/is also a 5’8″ (171 cm) tall woman named Alyssa but she was sick that day. I am 5’10 -1/2″.

Feb 17 basketball

I went to work hard on Trout Lake’s CAN Basketball with a 19-year-old male volunteer named Abdi who is 5’8-1/8″.

Writing practice-3

I did 2 hours, 1 minute, 36 seconds of Fast ForWord & Reading Assistant today, practiced my signature, and did 2 hours of math.


My enjoyments of seasons are:

Summer’s favorites

01: Getting able to handle being super-dirty.

02: When at a suitable time & place, being shirtless.

03: To go to the Sun (on the solar system)

04: & getting to the WHOLE universe.

05: Respecting bathing suits.

06: Swimming with girls, at least 01 year old to 18 years old.

07: Also swimming with women (ages 19 – over 100+).

08: Also swimming with ALL little kids.

09: Swimming with boys (ages 01 to 100+).

010: Swimming with everyone!

011: Staying a sports participant (at all seasons)!

012: Being rich (I am not)!

013: Going for gold & participating at all the Summer Olympics!

014: Sailing everywhere!

015: Going to visit beaches.

016: Going to amusement parks.

017: Traveling.

018: Being outside in the sky at day (at all seasons).

019: Being outside in sunny days.

020: Visiting all the deserts!

021: Being outside at night.

022: Being outside in the sky at night.

023: Traveling blatantly outside of British Columbia (at all seasons)

024: Soaking.

025: Earning money.

026: Softness.

Fall/Autumn’s joy:

027: Doing everything in the clouds.

028: Hail!!!

029: Very graphic storms!!!!1

030: Bleak weather:

031: Very graphic lightning, rain & thunder storms!

032: Getting to have a time machine to get to much earlier days!

033: Going everywhere very spooky!

034: Getting to Transylvania, everywhere in Europe, & everywhere in USA (BTW, Hotel Transylvania sucks!)!!

035: Fright Nights!

036: Celebrate Hallowe’en like where it originated!

037: With all the other big boys & men, get rough & play in the leaves, no matter how dirty (I do not mind getting dirty!)

038: Actually surviving in horror movies (suitable for my age)

039: Having Canadian turkey.

040: Playing & watching all old Mario classics

041: Realistic monsters!

042: Participating in Fall/Autumn Olympic Games!

043: Getting creepy!

044: Staying diligent with perseverace

045: Change cartoons’ mainstays!

046: Raking.

047: Maple syrup! ‘Cos I love to go everywhere else!

048: Skydiving (all seasons)!

049: Getting everywhere in every universe (even all the fictional universes) during ALL seasons!

050: Getting more muscle!

051: Watching Beavis & Butthead (all seasons)!

052: Fresh air (all seasons!)


053: Participating at all the Winter Olympic Games (in the future just like the Summer Olympics!

054: Mario, Sonic, & important female characters, Tails, & Knuckles actually participating at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics (unfortunately the Dream Events ain’t real).

055: Participating in ALL the Winter Sports (Beavis & Butthead do not like to win & are never tough but like gold much better than silver & bronze but platinum the best)

056: New Years’ Day!

057: New Years’ Eve!

058: Minneapolis’s Mall of America (at all seasons)

059: Skiing.

060: Snowboarding!

061: Getting all money, passports & important video games for Christmas, so I can travel across the realistic universe & popular fictional universals!

062: Going all around Canada (at every season)

063: Joking (at every season)

064: Talking with Shigeru Miyamoto about my concerns. (It is urgent but I wouldn’t want to discompliment his hard work on his characters)

065: Staying outdoors (at all seasons)

066: Going to the North Pole.

067: Handling sulfur (at every season)

068: Getting to the South Pole!

069: Seeing the real Santa Claus.

070: Skating.

071: Winter Camps

072: Teasing my Valentines! (as in laughing, nothing offensive)

073: Blizzards.

074: Spending my Christmas time at the Mall of America.

075: Going everywhere whereas the Winter Olympic Games were held & practiced & presented!

076: Catching snowflakes!

077: Confronting all abominable snowmen!

078: Getting into the Northern Lights in Super Mario Galaxy 5 (later in 2017)!

079: Snowball fights.

080: Going to all the Canadian mountains from SSX On Tour (multiplatform)

081: To see snow & fire outside together (a fire pit on a snowy day)!


082: Catching breezes by running & etc…

083: Jump Into Spring

084: The Spring Olympics! (P. S. Yeah, I get it! The Autumn & Spring Olympics are fake. I need to make them real myself!)

085: Camping (in every season)

086: Playing with all animals

087: Animating my new characters in 3D!

088: Cracking everyone up!

089: May flowers

090:  Sharing (at all seasons)

091: Getting in underground (at every season)!

092: Using my skilled moves of all my lessons (at all seasons)!

093: Debating! (nah, just my nature)

094: Agreeing! (not important but I want to be nice)

095: Passing spring.

096: Becoming a fashion designer!

097: Wandering!

098: Spring hazes.

099: Sending abusive men into permanent prison!

100: Being super-appropriate with all animals & children.

101: Taking British Columbia off the plan list unless I’ll miss it! Too bad it is one of the least famous, however most popular provinces in Canada & EVER!

102: Nature (all seasons)

103: Very frequent quality time from my family!

104: To get myself famous so I will be much less anxious!

105: Handling not-for-all-audiences-but-suitable-for-older-children material

106: Having my hair get very long.

107: Following rules (at all seasons)

108: Changing Bowser from Nintendo’s very deep voice to a British king’s accent & some other voices of very famous video game & movie characters!

Journal topic: Valentines Night

WHY ME? I DON’T LIKE VALENTINE’S DAY! I HATE HAVING REAL PEOPLE AS VALENTINES ‘COS I KNOW WHO MY VALENTINES ARE! FICTIONAL GIRLS FROM FICTONS WITH BIG EYES! TAKE THIS FOR EXAMPLE: PRINCESS DAISY FROM MARIO, NOT THE JUDITH KRANTZ MOVIE OR DAISY DUCK MAKING HERSELF A PRINCESS & THE LADY ROSALINA IN MARIO! *Calms down & takes medicine* I just want to end Valentines Day by escaping to the Mall of America!! Also, Princess Peach got mad at me that she had to go to British Columbia & risk a tomboyish nature & I did not cause it, she did not want to join in & while getting angry she wore her hair loose. I prefer not to be like her! She is scary & was forced to practice skating in Britannia Ice Rink during the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games! She also made & currently makes preferences to not win anything when that materialist had & currently has to win gold (which she is too anxious & furious to do) or platinum (which she would be very mad beyond measure if she won it because she hates losing ‘cos then she’ll get humiliated & accused very big time so she gets angry & bossily lets her hair all loose & puts her foot down if she did ‘cos she is overly infantile in those modern days) & anyone would always be bored if she won silver, which she doesn’t like either. She doesn’t even want to go for bronze (which if she won the crowd, contestants & judges (all including platinum, gold & silver) would be very angry & if she did not win anything at all people would get very angry beyond measure) & fight back, ‘cos she won’t go for them! She won’t even go for sapphire otherwise the crowd, contestants & judges would die of over 175% anger they would chase after the snobby, always up to surrender persistence & angrily return back to permanent comfort when for her tall frame she should be agile, able to do tricks, tough & independent! She just wants to be not at all a skillful skateboarder! She despises the big boys a lot! She just wants to not do 1080 degree spins or 720 degree spins or 360 degree spins or 180 degree spins at skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, or other & prefers to argue & everyone else is elite but Peach herself for her healthy, slender (120 pounds) physique is not! I mean, come on!  She could be a little older than Daisy who is 5’10 (175 & a half cm) & is very ungrateful! She just throws all the platinum, gold, silver & bronze she had to work very hard for in the garbage ‘cos she is not wanting anyone (but Mario) to be her valentine so she only acts kind but isn’t nice & is one spoiled brat even worse than Veruca Salt & Violet Bauregarde! ‘Cmon, she seriously is very clumsy & very bad at tricks for her tall height of 5’11 (180 cm if she tiptoes but 5’11 & 178 cm in general) since her teen years (ages 13-19) unlike her two thirds tomboyish cousin Princess Daisy. Rosalina is as tomboyish as Daisy ‘cos she wears blue, studies science for her 1, 536-year-old age. So Peach is funny at the same time as she is very annoying, so we are moderately valentines to each other. Mario nowadays is moderately Pauline’s boyfriend. Princess Peach always forces people to get to her home called the Mushroom Kingdom when they prefer Sarasaland, Egypt/China Princess Daisy’s kingdom which is more dangerous ‘cos it’s sweltering there. So my valentines are Daisy, Rosalina, etc. It is very easy for me to pick my valentines. Why is Princess Peach playable anyways when she refuses to win? We’re probably being forced to play as her. She can’t do skills! What a plaid brat who’s plain & tall!

Journal topic: My favorite fictional characters

‘Tis a self portrait I did at CAN Social Connection Image

Allo! My name is Kieran Glen Harris Stark, everyone! I want SONIC THE HEDGEHOG & Princess Daisy from the Mario series within Nintendo’s Kirby & Link from the Legend of Zelda to stay together forever, does everyone else like my idea? If you do, let me know, please! Thanks! It never really happened before! However, SONIC & Princess Daisy might have briefly fell in love with each other in the Nintendo DS version of the game Mario & Sonic at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. & they both know Kirby only in Super Smash Bros. Brawl so far, although they didn’t meet each other in Brawl, not even for the first time!

homeschooling 10th Grade