The family of Baby in Super Monkey Ball

AiAi: Father

MeeMee: Mother

GonGon: Figurative uncle

Dr. BadBoon: Stepfather (JK, you know how his plan to travel back to the present, or in his case, the past to marry MeeMee turned out in SMB2, eh?)

Dr. BadBoon’s assistant: Figurative step-uncle (again, I’m just screwing around since while he’s very brotherly to BadBoon, it didn’t work out for both of them after they tried to steal all the bananas to give them an unnatural taste of curry)

AiAi Sr.: Paternal grandfather

RaeRae: Paternal step-grandmother

MeeMee Sr.: Maternal grandmother

LeeLee: Maternal grandfather

The Pac family of Pac-Ghost in the fuTure of the Pac-Man franchise

Pac-Family (Paternal)

Pac-Man: Grandfather

Ms. Pac-Man: Grandmother

Jr. Pac-Man: Father

Chomp-Chomp (Pac-Dog)

Sweetcakes: Pac-Cat

Pooka: Figurative uncle

Baby Pac-Man: Aunt

Pac-Girl: Aunt

Pac-Master: Great grandfather

Pac-Man Sr.: Great grandmother

Ghost Gang (maternal)

Blinky aka Shadow: Grandfather

Inky aka Bashful: Great uncle

Pinky (original version) aka Speedy: Great uncle

Pinky (common version): Great aunt

Clyde aka Speedy: Great uncle

Yum-Yum: Mother

Sue: Grandmother

Pinky Jr.: Cousin

How I would like to play Super Monkey Ball 1 in chronological order

  1. Start off with playing the fun-as-hell Party Games (Monkey Race 1, Monkey Fight 1 and Monkey Target 1)!
  2. Start the main game off with Beginner Mode!
  3. Run through quite possibly the shortest mode in Super Monkey Ball history – Beginner Extra with less than five stages!
  4. Run through the one of the greatest credits sections as not only does it have a very welcoming starlit atmosphere, you can even roll forward while trying to collect as many bananas as possible (you lose some if you bump into letters)!
  5. Play through the Mini-Game Mode (Monkey Billiards 1, Monkey Bowling 1 and Monkey Golf 1)
  6. Run through Advanced Mode!
  7. Struggle to beat (Puzzle and especially Polar Large of) Advanced Extra!
  8. In case I don’t beat Polar Large, I can practise it several times before I can finish off even the latest stage of ALL of Advanced Mode)!
  9. 100% complete Advanced THIS time!
  10. Begin Expert Mode.
  11. Practise Exam-C several times to learn to survive Expert Mode.
  12. Return to Expert Mode to go past Monkey Mall!
  13. Practice the hardest of Expert stages (Exam-C, Tracks, Invasion, Twin Attacker and Curvature) several times before moving on to more than a couple of the thirds of Expert Mode!
  14. Complete Expert Mode without any continues!
  15. Run through Expert Extra!
  16. Try to beat Master Mode!
  17. And if I don’t quite make it through Master Mode (re: Stamina Master, Bridge Master or both), I can not only practice some of the extra stages like Polar Large and and some of the Expert stages, I can also practice Master Mode!
  18. I replay Expert Mode, having just gotten even more adept at it!
  19. I go through Expert Extra!
  20. I finally do it! I go through ALL of Master Mode! I’m gonna complete the game!
  21. After I watch the beyond satisfactory ending of the game, I replay through the credits roll as the finale of this incredible game!

Top Ten HarDest Classic-Era Super Monkey Ball Stages scene selection

  1. Arthropod (SMB2) Fall Out
  2. About SMB Stages
  3. Disclaimer
  4. If You Play Super Monkey Ball Jr.
  5. Master Floor 5 (Final SMBJ stage)
  6. Palpitation (Final T&R stage)
  7. Dizzy System (SMB2)
  8. Expert Floor 30 (SMBJ)
  9. Exam-C (SMB1)
  10. Domes (SMB2)
  11. Sliced Cheese (SMB2)
  12. I know it isn’t Super Monkey Ball 1 go along with it
  13. Stamina Master (SMB1)
  14. Monkey Ball
  15. (Bridge) Master (Monkey Ball)
  16. Arthropod (SMB2)
  17. Expert Floor 19 (SMBJ)
  18. The Top Pick?
  19. Helix (SMB2)
  20. Conclusion

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble scenes

  1. Beginning
  2. Lakeside Limbo
  3. Doorstep Dash
  4. Tidal Trouble
  5. Skidda’s Row
  6. Murky Mill
  7. B. Belcha’s Barn
  8. Barrel Shield Bust-Up
  9. Riverside Race
  10. Squeels on Wheels
  11. Springin’ Spiders
  12. Bobbing Barrel Brawl
  13. B. Arich’s Ambush
  14. Cotton Top Cave
  15. Bazza’s Blockade
  16. Rocket Barrel Ride
  17. Kreeping Klasps
  18. Tracker Barrel Trek
  19. Fish Food Frenzy
  20. B. Squirt’s Showdown
  21. Fire Ball Frenzy
  22. Demolition Ripsaw Rage
  23. Blazing Bazukas
  24. Low-G Labyrinth
  25. B. KAOS Karnage
  26. Krevice Kreepers
  27. Tearaway Toboggan
  28. Barrel Drop Bounce
  29. Krack-Shot Kroc
  30. Lemguin Lunge
  31. B. Bleak’s House
  32. Buzzer Barrage
  33. Kong-Fused Cliffs
  34. Floodlit Fish
  35. Pot Hole Panic
  36. Ropey Rumpus
  37. B. Barbos’ Barrier
  38. Konveyor Rope Klash
  39. Creepy Caverns
  40. Lightning Lookout
  41. Koindozer Klamber
  42. Poisonous Pipeline
  43. B. Kastle Kaos
  44. Ending
  45. Stampede Sprint
  46. Criss Kross Kliffs
  47. Tyrant Twin Tussle
  48. Swoopy Salvo
  49. Rocket Rush
  50. B. Knautilus (105% Ending)

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