GiyCal’s take on mainline Cartoon Network shows

  1. Space Ghost Coast to Coast – Where a worthy successor to Hanna-Barbers (mostly) started with a Big Bang!
  2. Dexter’s Laboratory – Was a classic in the late 1990s when Genndy Tartakovsky directed them, but in the early 2000s when Chris (Brown) Savino was in charge of it… not so much.
  3. Cow and Chicken – The only thing memorable about it is Red Devil.
  4. The Powerpuff Girls – Should’ve stayed as a four-season show by Craig McCracken.
  5. Ed, Edd & Eddy – Who knew the director of The Brothers Grunt would go from a typical gross-out Viacom show like this to a fun show like this… before the last seasons?
  6. Courage the Cowardly Dog – Even with just a teensy amount of cowardly features, it is thankfully phenomenal thanks to its mind-blowing courage.
  7. Samurai Jack – Genndy Tartakovsky’s magnum opus (except for the fifth season on Adult Swim)!
  8. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy – Also known as “The Amazing Adventures of Billy and Mandy”!
  9. Codename: Kids Next Door – I don’t care that it has this “Almost all adults are evil” mentality, the whole show was put to brilliant use!
  10. Teen Titans – A tad overpraised by its fandom since seasons 3 and 5 could’ve used some work, but it is still massively praised for the right reasons! It’s spinoff, on the other hand… while sometimes it has exhilarating episodes, the Cartoon Network reboots are made more for “poop mouths with poop opinions”, especially ThunderCats Roar, the definitive worst CN show which I got that quote from.
  11. Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Both series are the greatest representation of Star Wars since the original trilogy (except for the only movie in the series to start the CGI reboot with a whimper that left out a low level of anticipation for the second series back in ‘08)
  12. Camp Lazlo – It’s from the same creator of Rocko’s Modern Life and Let’s Go Luna – how could it not kick @$$, eh?
  13. Chowder: The Snyder Era is one of Cartoon Network’s weakest eras with its live-action jokes of series like CN Real, but even at that, it’s not all bad because credit where credit is due, Chowder is very ambitious albeit sometimes cringy.
  14. Adventure Time – An adventure of a lifetime!
  15. Regular Show – Stands out from other CN shows with its adult humour!
  16. The Amazing World of Gumball – It took a lot of inspiration from Calvin and Hobbes, AND BOY DOES IT SHOW! 😃
  17. Secret Mountain Fort Awesome – A show of the dark side of Cartoon Network with its overuse of toilet humour, yet with its twisted nature, it actually feels like it’s bad in the right ways!
  18. Uncle Grandpa – Wait until season 3, then it’ll become at its best! Though the previous season were guilty pleasures…
  19. Steven Universe – Despite it being a bit flawed, it has a lot of the power of the Crystal Gems!
  20. Clarence: Like We Bare Bears, this is a 2010s CN show that greatly captured the essence of the slice-of-life feel.
  21. Over the Garden Wall: So amazing it feels like it took inspiration from Gravity Falls with its spooky, adventurous tone!

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