List of franchises that could have Black Gryphon & Baasik AMVs (of songs like Set in Stone, What You Need, Faster Than You Know, Getting Stronger, Letdown, Who You Are, Paper Sky, Magic, Zero Gravity, Quest, Fighting Back, Wander, Crusader, et cetera et cetera)

  • Wallace and Gromit/Shaun the Sheep
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Danny Phantom
  • Steven Universe
  • VeggieTales (excluding VeggieTales in the House)
  • Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck/Goof Troop
  • The Boondocks
  • Pixar works (the Monsters’ Inc. duology, the Toy Story/Buzz Lightyear of Star Command franchise, the Finding Nemo duology, the Cars franchise, The Incredibles)
  • The Effect
  • Pac-Man (excluding Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, unless it can be made to look genuinely epic by great songs by Internet musicians by Black Gryph0n)
  • Craig McCracken’s works
  • Marvel series
  • Undertale
  • Gravity Falls
  • Mario/Donkey Kong/Yoshi/Wario
  • Sara & Tuesday
  • Megamind
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Rocko’s Modern Life
  • Sailor Moon
  • The Lion King
  • Basebrawl
  • Kung Fu Panda
  • DC series
  • Step Up franchise
  • Kirby of the Stars
  • Wreck-it Ralph
  • Anna Blue
  • Genndy Tartakovsky cartoons
  • Your Favourite Martian
  • Disney Princess

A Dose of Buckley’s “The Ten Worst Songs of 2019” result predictions

  1. Taylor Swift ft Brandon Urie – ME!
  2. Marshmello ft Chris Brown & Tyga – Light It Up
  3. Ariana Grande – 7 Rings
  4. Ed Sheeran ft Justin Bieber – I Don’t Care
  5. Taylor Swift – You Need to Calm Down
  6. Earth – Lil’ Dicky
  7. Ariana Grande – Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored
  8. Lil’ Pump – Be Like Me/Butterfly Doors/Drug Addicts
  9. Sam Smith ft Normani – Dancing With a Stranger
  10. Press – Cardi B.

“Honourable” Mentions

  • Lil Nas X ft Billy Ray Cyrus – Old Town Road
  • Camila Cabello ft Shawn Mendes – Senorita
  • Cardi B. – Money
  • Lil’ Pump – Butterfly Doors

Lists of songs SteveGreeneComedy could cover! 😄😊👍🏻✌🏻😁

  • Black Gryphon songs (examples: Faster Than You Know, Fighting Back, This Can’t Be All, Magic, Beep Last Fight, Better, Moonlight, Getting Stronger, Set in Stone, Paper Sky, et cetera et cetera)
  • Virginia to Vegas songs (Selfish, Emotions, Lights Out)
  • Easier – Five Seconds of Summer
  • Usher songs (DJ Got Us Falling in Love Again, Yeah!, Caught Up, Scream, New Flame, Burn, Somebody to Love Remix)
  • Rewrite the Stars – Zac Efron (as Phillip Carlyle) ft. Zendaya (as Anne Wheeler)
  • Old Justin Timberlake songs (ex: NSYNC songs like This I Promise You and I Want U Back, Cry Me a River, Mirrors, Love Dealer, Justified, Dead and Gone ft. T.I., What U Workin’ With, What Comes Around Goes Around, Rock Your Body, Summer Love ft. Timbaland)
  • Sage the Gemini songs (Gas Pedal, Good Thing, Put it on Me ft. Austin Mahone)
  • Elton John songs (Can You Feel the Love Tonight, Rocket Man, Tiny Dancer, I’m Still Standing, Save Rock and Roll)
  • A Star Is Born songs
  • Ariana Grande songs (ex: Thank You Next, Break Free, Love Me Harder ft. The Weeknd, No Tears Left to Cry)
  • Joe Jonas songs (before Jonas Brothers and DNCE)
  • Chris Brown songs (Forever, Run It! ft. Juelz Santana, Yeah 3x, Don’t Wake Me Up, New Flame ft. Usher & Rick Ross)
  • One Republic songs (All the Right Moves, Secrets, Apologize ft. Timbaland)
  • Ne-Yo songs (Hands in the Air ft. Timbaland from Step Up Revolution, Let Me Love You, Never Knew I Needed from The Princess and the Frog, Turn Around ft. Conor Maynard, Miss Independent, Give Me Everything ft. Pitbull , Nayer & Afrojack)
  • Your Favourite Martian songs (seriously, when he played Axel Chains, Ray William Johnson could’ve given him chances to sing regardless of being the drummer of the band!)
  • K-pop songs (BTS songs, Shinee songs, Super Junior songs)
  • Bruno Mars songs (Treasure, Natalie, Locked Out of Heaven, If I Was Your Man, Grenade, the original Finesse)
  • Justin Bieber songs (Wait for a Minute ft. Tyga, Pray, As Long as You Love Me, No Brainer ft. DJ Khaled, Migos & Chance the Rapper, Flames ft. Calvin Harris, Stuck in the Moment, That Power ft., Overboard ft. Jessica Jarrell, 2U, Never Let You Go)
  • Different World – Alan Walker, Sofia Carson (formerly as a Rusty character), K-391 & KORSAK
  • Jay Sean songs (Hit the Lights ft. Lil’ Wayne, Make My Love Go ft. Sean Paul, I’m All Yours ft. Pitbull, Down ft. Lil’ Wayne)
  • Dancing With a Stranger – Sam Smith ft. Normani
  • Diggy – Spencer Ludwig
  • Akon songs (Hold My Hand ft. Michael Jackson, I Just Had S** ft. The Lonely Island, Bartender ft. T-Pain, Smack That ft. Eminem, Don’t Matter, Dangerous ft. Kardinal Offishal, S**y B***h, The Sweet Escape ft. Gwen Stefani)
  • Owl City songs (When Can I See You Again from Wreck-it Ralph, Fireflies, Shooting Star from Escape from Planet Earth, Alligator Sky ft. Shawn Chrystopher)

List of choices on A Dose of Buckley’s lists of “The Ten Worst Songs of 20xx” that I disagree with (not that I’m at all complaining, in fact, I don’t care at all since he has reasons to put these songs on this list and his criticisms make us LOL)

The Ten Worst Songs of 2010

  1. Kesha – We R Who We R (outside of the mention of Jesus Christ, of all people, on her necklace, which doesn’t even show)
  2. Trey Songz songs (I’m a Trey Songz song, despite my massive hatred for Smartphones which makes me so glad that Trey Songz actually learned something to deserve to break free from prison)
  3. P!NK’s Raise Your Glass” (hell, as a “Why so serious?” fan, I even like that The Dark Knight reference this song has! XD)

The Ten Worst Songs of 2011

Foster These People’s Pumped Up Kids (this song is emo, but not even in a bad way as one would expect, plus it also had a point in being about a school shooting – by giving out a message on how to survive it while sounding like it can certainly pay tribute to band music in the late 20th Century)

The Ten Worst Songs of 2012

  1. Flo Rida – “Whistle” (then again, I have a very raunchy sense of humour, but yeah, with the way it switched its lyrical meanings, it tried way too hard to be subtle that it became too obvious about what it’s about)
  2. Mumford & Sons – I Will Wait (then again, I am a fan of this band who doesn’t get A Dose of Buckley’s point to why he doesn’t like this song. “Alternating slow and fast banjos and acoustic guitars” is a thing in this band’s guitar, and frankly, it can actually do a pretty great job at it!)
  3. The Lumineers – Ho Hey (I get A Dose of Buckley’s point, but it does have classical vibes so it makes me feel nostalgic)

The Ten Worst Songs of 2013

  1. Kesha ft – Crazy Kids (A Dose of Buckley summed up every problem we have towards this song, but it is atmospherically catchy, so therefore, it’s a song worth dancing to)
  2. Sage the Gemini ft IamSu! – Gas Pedal (A Dose of Buckley hates it because it repeats its titular line all over again. And yes, it does, but there’s more to it than that!)
  3. Mariah Carey ft Miguel – #Beautiful (A Dose of Buckley has a great reason to bash this song, but Todd in the Shadows gave fair compliments to it)

The Ten Worst Songs of 2014


The Ten Worst Songs of 2015

None (Demi Lovato – Cool for the Summer would’ve been too good for this list if Demi Lovato didn’t think being raunchy is a way of being mature. Sure, it’s a legal age to be in touch with inappropriate content, but that doesn’t mean it should be considered “grown up” by any means. In fact, as an adult, it could normally be expected to take not-suitable-for-work-or-kids content seriously, but me, it depends on what it is for me to take it seriously or be positively stimulated by it as just entertainment.)

The Ten Worst Songs of 2016

None (Jon Bellion – All Time Low to the least extent)

The Ten Worst Songs of 2017

Prozzak – Love Me Tinder (because of its animation and the song itself being catchy and emotional)

Paramore – Hard Times (again, Adam Buckley did have a point, but it’s still a song that gives out that resonating ’90s soft rock feel)

The Ten Worst Songs of 2018

Ella Mai – Boo’d Up (yes, Todd in the Shadows and A Dose of Buckley did have a point about this title being “boo’d up”. But even with that, this song is sure to be relevant regardless of the time.)

The Ten Worst Songs of 2019

TBA (maybe I made this list slightly too early)


List of chronological hundredths Pixar Animation Studios films go from in their runtime

Toy Story 1

  1. Sheriff Woody (00 to 02 and a half)
  2. Opening Credits (“You Got a Friend in Me”) (02 and a half to 05)
  3. The Coast is Clear (06 to 08)
  4. The Staff Meeting (09 to 11 and a half)
  5. Recon Plan Charlie (11 and a half to 17 and a half)
  6. Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (17 and a half to 25)
  7. “Strange Things” (25 – 27 and 3 elevenths)
  8. Woody vs. Buzz (27 and three elevenths to 30)
  9. Sid (31 to 32)
  10. Who Will Andy Pick? (33 to 36)
  11. Buzz Hitches a Ride (37)
  12. Lost at the Gas Station (38 to 43)
  13. Pizza Planet (44 to 48)
  14. Sid’s House (49 to 53)
  15. Back at Andy’s (54)
  16. Playtime with Sid (55 to 57)
  17. The Buzz Lightyear Commercial (58)
  18. “I Will Go Sailing No More” (59 to 60)
  19. Hannah’s Tea Party (61 to 62 and a half)
  20. Sid’s Window to Andy’s Window (62 1/2 to 65 and 5 eighths)
  21. The Big One (65 and 5 eighths to 68 and three quarters)
  22. Andy Misses Woody (68 and three quarters to 70)
  23. Buzz, I Can’t Do This Without You (71 to 75)
  24. Woody Asks for Help (76 to 76 and 2 thirds)
  25. Wind the Frog (76 and 2 thirds to 79 and a sixth)
  26. Play Nice! (79 and 1 sixth to 83 and a half)
  27. The Chase (83 and a third to 90)
  28. Rocket Power (91-93 1/3)
  29. Christmas at Andy’s New House (93 and a third to 94 and two thirds)
  30. End Credits (94 and a half to 100)

A Bug’s Life

  1. Main Titles (00-00 and a half)
  2. Opening (00 and a half to 04 and a half)
  3. Flik’s Invention (04 and a half to 08)
  4. Red Alert (09 to 10)
  5. The Grasshoppers Arrive (11 to 16)
  6. Flik’s Trial (16 to 18 and 2 elevenths)
  7. Leaving Ant Island (18 to 20)
  8. Flik’s Flight (21)
  9. P. T.’s Flea Circus (22 to 27)
  10. The City (26 and 2 thirds to 28 and 4 sevenths)
  11. Bug Bar (28 and a half to 32 and a quarter)
  12. Flying Home (32 and a quarter to 34)
  13. The Warriors Arrive (35 to 37 and a half)
  14. Official Welcome (37 and a half to 41 and a half)
  15. “Squish Me Now” (41 1/2-43)
  16. The Bird Attacks (44 to 47 )
  17. Francis the Hero (47 and two thirds to 48 and a half)
  18. Atta’s Apology (48 and a half to 50)
  19. Flik’s Plan (51-52)
  20. Building the Bird (53 to 56)
  21. Hopper’s Hideout (57 to 60)
  22. The Celebration (61 to 62)
  23. P. T. Arrive (63 to 65 and a half)
  24. The Grasshoppers Return (65 and a half to 67 and a half)
  25. To the Clubhouse! (67 and a half to 68 and three quarters)
  26. Dot Goes for Help (68 and three quarters to 70)
  27. Turning Back (71 to 74)
  28. Grasshopper Occupation (75)
  29. Showtime (74 and three quarters to 79 and 1 sixth)
  30. Flik’s Bird Attacks (79 1/4-81 and a half)
  31. Flik vs Hopper (81 and a half to 84 and 3 eighths)
  32. Ant Battle (84 and 3 eighths to 85 and 6 sevenths)
  33. Rain! (85 and 6 sevenths to 87 and a half)
  34. Hopper’s Demise (87 and a half to 89)
  35. Springtime (90 to 92 and a half)
  36. End Credits (92 and a half to 94)
  37. Outtakes (95 to 100)

Toy Story 2

  1. Main Titles (00-01 1/2)
  2. Buzz’s Mission (01 1/2-05 1/2)
  3. Woody’s Lost Hat (05 1/2-08 1/3)
  4. It’s Buster! (08 1/3-11 1/2)
  5. The Nightmare (11 1/2-13)
  6. Wheezy (14)
  7. Yard Sale (15-16 2/3)
  8. Kidnapped! (16 2/3-20)
  9. Who Stole Woody? (21-22)
  10. The Roundup Gang (23-26)
  11. Operation Rescue Woody (27-28)
  12. Woody’s Roundup (29-32 1/2)
  13. Woody Loses His Arm (32 1/2-34)
  14. Buzz’s Speech (35)
  15. Getting the Arm (37-40)
  16. Crossing the Road (40-42 1/2)
  17. The Cleaner (42 1/2-43 1/3)
  18. Al’s Toy Barn (43 1/3-44 3/4)
  19. Woody’s Restoration (44 3/4-46)
  20. Buzz Switch (47-48 1/3)
  21. The Barbie Aisle (48 1/3-50 2/3)
  22. Jessie’s Story (“When She Loved Me”) (50 2/3-57 1/7)
  23. The Toys Find Al (57 1/7-60 5/7)
  24. Into the Vents (60 2/3-66)
  25. Sheriff Woody (66-67 1/3)
  26. To the Rescue! (67 1/3-69 1/2)
  27. Woody Stays (69 1/2-73 1/3)
  28. Stinky Pete (73 2/3-76)
  29. Zurg Battle (77-79)
  30. To the Airport! (79-81 1/2)
  31. Woody vs the Prospector (81 1/2-84 1/2)
  32. Saving Jessie (84 1/2-86)
  33. Takeoff! (87-88)
  34. Welcome Home (89-93)
  35. End Credits (94-100)

Monsters Inc.

  1. Main Titles (00-01 9/16)
  2. Monster in the Closet (01 1/2-03 1/8)
  3. Mr. Waternoose (03 1/8-05)
  4. Morning Workout (06-07 1/2)
  5. Monstropolis (07 1/2-10)
  6. Monsters Inc. (11-11 1/2)
  7. Randall (11 1/2-12 1/2)
  8. The Scare Floor (12 1/2-18 3/4)
  9. 2319! (18 3/4-21 7/8)
  10. End of the Day (21 7/8-23)
  11. Boo! (24-27)
  12. Harryhausen’s (28-30)
  13. Back at the Apartment (31-33)
  14. Bedtime (34-37)
  15. Sneaking Boo to Work (38-39 1/3)
  16. Potty Break (39 1/3-41 2/3)
  17. Randall’s Plot (41 and 2 thirds to 43)
  18. The Wrong Door (44-46 2/3)
  19. Mike on the Run (46 2/3-49)
  20. The Trash Compactor (50-52)
  21. Mike Kidnapped (53-55)
  22. The Scream Extractor (56-59 3/8)
  23. Sulley Scares Boo (59 3/8-62 1/2)
  24. Banished! (62 1/2-69 1/4)
  25. Sulley Saves Boo (69 1/4-71 7/8)
  26. Schmoopsie-Poo! (71 7/8-73)
  27. The Door Vault (74-80)
  28. Tricking Waternoose (81-84 3/8)
  29. Goodbye (84 3/8-8)
  30. The Laugh Floor (89-91)
  31. Kitty! (92)
  32. End Credits (93-100)

Finding Nemo

  1. New Parents (00 to 04)
  2. Main Titles (04 to 05 and a quarter)
  3. First Day of School (05 and a quarter to 11)
  4. Field Trip (11 to 12)
  5. The Field Trip (13 to 13 and 3 quarters)
  6. Nemo Lost (13 and 3 quarters to 16)
  7. Meeting Dory (16 to 18)
  8. Sharks! (19 to 25)
  9. The Tank Gang (26 to 30 and a half)
  10. The Abyss (30 and a half to 32 and a half)
  11. Anglerfish! (32 and a half to 36)
  12. Nemo’s Intitation (36 to 40)
  13. Fish Impressions (41 to


List of ADoseofBuckley videos in chronological order

  1. London Transit Commission Strike
  2. Composition Magazine
  3. Leather Daddy’s Furniture
  4. Tiger Woods Rant (a hilariously spectacular way to start off the Gordon Ramsay of post-2000s pop culture, just when the 2000s was to end, directly a decade ago since the 2010s is ending completely a third-month later)
  5. Wal-Mart Greeters
  6. Advice No One Asked For – Number One
  7. Sherlock Homo
  8. New Year 2010
  9. Musical Autopsy (Episode 01) – Kings of Leon
  10. Forum Trolls
  11. Advice No One Asked For – Number Two
  12. Stereotypes
  13. Haiti
  14. Advice No One Asked For – Number Three
  15. Blippy
  16. Dalton McGuinty
  17. How NOT to Get a Job in the Radio Industry
  18. Rock 9.29 Presents What’s Up
  19. 2010 Winter Olympics
  20. SexEd
  21. Advice No One Asked For – Number Four (if it were still alive, or alive sometime in the future!!)
  22. 2010 Winter Olympics Recap
  23. Who Wants Grilled Cheese? (Cougar Life parody commercial)
  24. Kesha (Ke$ha) Rant – A Dose of Buckley
  25. Musical Autopsy (Episode 02): Orianthi – According to You
  26. Advice No One Asked For – Episode Five
  27. ADHD Action Guide – A Dose of Buckley 25
  28. Bad Head – Edition 2
  29. Dexter Action Figure – A Dose of Buckley
  30. Advice No One Asked For – Number 6 (if it could also exist in more times than the past!!)
  31. – A Dose of Buckley
  32. How Not To Get A Job In Radio 2
  33. The Ten Worst Songs of 2010 (# 10: Lil’ Kim – Black Friday. #9: Wiz Khalifa – Black and Yellow. #8: Baby – Justin Bieber. #7: Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em – Pretty Boy Swag. #6: Willow Smith – Whip My Hair. #5: Waka Flocka Flame – Oh Let’s Do It. #4: Kesha – We R Who We R. #3: Cali Swag District – Teach Me How to Dougie. #2: Katy Perry – Peacock. #1: YG – Toot It and Boot It. “Honourable” Mentions: Pink – Raise Your Glass, the Trey Songz songs, Chris Brown – I Can Transform Ya
  34. Grammys 2011 – ADoseofBuckley
  35. Advice No One Asked For – Number Seven
  36. Musical Autopsy (Episode 03): Bruno Mars – Grenade
  37. YouTube Comments (Thumbs Up If)
  38. Rebecca Black – A Dose of Buckley
  39. Sprite Slam Commercial Parody
  40. S***walk 2011 – A Dose of Buckley
  41. Burqas in France – A Dose of Buckley
  42. Federal Election 2011 – A Dose of Buckley
  43. Gas Prices – A Dose of Buckley
  44. Tardbook
  45. Musical Autopsy (Episode 04): Wiz Khalifa – Black & Yellow
  46. Crazy Charlie’s Memorial Day Sale
  47. Mark Zuckerberg – A Dose of Buckley
  48. Canada Post Strike – A Dose of Buckley
  49. Gay Marriage (David Tyree) – A Dose of Buckley
  50. Buckley vs Women (keep in mind, this video is about him showing why he always deserved much better than to be treated like a sexist)
  51. Advice No One Asked For – Number Eight
  52. Rap Dances – A Dose of Buckley
  53. Music vs The Internet – A Dose of Buckley
  54.  Chinese Buffet – A Dose of Buckley
  55. Planking (and the London Riots, so far) – A Dose of Buckley
  56. Musical Autopsy (Episode 05): Katy Perry – Last Friday Night
  57. Advice No One Asked For – Number Nine
  58. Child M*****ing Priests – A Dose of Buckley
  59. September 11th – A Dose of Buckley
  60. Scarlett Johannson’s Leaked Pics – A Dose of Buckley
  61. Facebook Changes – A Dose of Buckley
  62. Calling in Sick – A Dose of Buckley
  63. Musical Autopsy (Episode 06) – LMFAO
  64. Brand Loyalty – A Dose of Buckley
  65. Occupy Wall Street – A Dose of Buckley
  66. Baking with Buckley – A Dose of Buckley
  67. Movember – A Dose of Buckley
  68. A & W Uncle Burger (Commercial Parody)
  69. How Not To Get A Job In Radio #3
  70. London Rippers – A Dose of Buckley
  71. Double Standards – A Dose of Buckley
  72. Santa Claus – A Dose of Buckley
  73. Karma – A Dose of Buckley
  74. Uncle Buckley’s Storytime – Go the F**k to Sleep (LMAO)
  75. Top Ten Worst Songs of 2011 (#10. Beyonce – Run the World. #9: Hot Chelle Rae – Tonight, Tonight. #8: Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera – Moves Like Jagger. #7: Nicki Minaj – Super Bass. #6: Avicii ft. Flo Rida – Good Feeling. #5: Taylor Swift – The Story of Us. #4: YG ft. Flo Rida – Racks. #3: The Rej3ctz ft. Chris Brown – Cat Daddy. #2: Big Sean – @$$. #1: Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci. “Honourable” Mentions: Lil’ Wayne ft. Corey Gunz – 6 Foot 7 Foot, Chris Brown ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil’ Wayne – Look At Me Now, Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks and )
  76. Advice No One Asked For – A Dose of Buckley
  77. Movie Remakes – A Dose of Buckley (wow. At this rate, now that we have those live-action Disney remakes, the Ghostbusters remake and much more, this vidoe was made a bit too early!)
  78. Musical Autopsy (Episode 07): Toby Keith – Red Solo Cup
  79. Tim Hortons’ Cup Sizes – A Dose of Buckley
  80. SOPA – A Dose of Buckley
  81. The Super Bowl – A Dose of Buckley
  82. Musical Autopsy (Episode 08): Nicki Minaj – Stupid Hoe
  83. Grammys 2012 / Adele – A Dose of Buckley
  84. Saving Money – A Dose of Buckley
  85. Music No One Asked For – Number Eleven
  86. Marriage Fraud – A Dose of Buckley
  87. Dubstep – A Dose of Buckley
  88. London Ontario (Fleming) Riot – A Dose of Buckley
  89. Ugly Guys – A Dose of Buckley
  90. Project Glass – A Dose of Buckley
  91. Musical Autopsy (Episode 09): Carly Rae Jepson – Call Me Maybe
  92. Advice No One Asked For – Episode 12
  93. Stand Your Ground Law / Trayvon Martin – A Dose of Buckley
  94. Viral Videos (Hot Problems) – A Dose of Buckley
  95. The Death Penalty (Vince Li) – A Dose of Buckley
  96. Twitter – A Dose of Buckley
  97. Requests – A Dose of Buckley
  98. Musical Autopsy (Episode 10) – One Direction
  99. Floyd Mayweather – A Dose of Buckley
  100. Advice No One Asked For – Number 13
  101. London Apple Store – A Dose of Buckley
  102. YOLO – A Dose of Buckley
  103. Scumbags of the Internet #1
  104. Colorado Theater Massacre Conspiracy – A Dose of Buckley
  105. 2012 Olympic Logo – A Dose of Buckley
  106. Musical Autopsy (Episode 11): Cher Lloyd – Want U Back (Welp, Cher, move on and please, find your own significant other! 😡)
  107. The London Rippers Fold – A Dose of Buckley
  108. Canada’s 2012 Olympic Medal Count – A Dose of Buckley
  109. Advice No One Asked For – Number 14
  110. McCafe – A Dose of Buckley
  111. Scumbags of the Internet #2
  112. The Five Worst Songs of 1958 (#5: Bobby Darin – Splish Splash. #4: S. Wooley – Purple People Eater. #3: The Champs – Tequila. #2: The Crickets – Oh Boy. #1: The Royal Teens – Short Shorts)
  113. Todd Akin / “Legitimate R***” – A Dose of Buckley
  114. Kim Kardashian: Cancer Sympathizer – A Dose of Buckley
  115. Gay Marriage 2 (Jehovah’s Witnesses) – A Dose of Buckley
  116. Gangnam Style – A Dose of Buckley
  117. So You Want to Be a YouTube Commentator? – A Dose of Buckley Special Presentation
  118. Trick or Treating – A Dose of Buckley
  119. Musical Autopsy (Episode 12): Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble
  120. The Laws of YouTube – A Dose of Buckley
  121. Spoiled Kids and Technology – A Dose of Buckley
  122. Scumbags of the Internet #3
  123. Unions and Twinkies – A Dose of Buckley
  124. Sports Fans and Nationalism – A Dose of Buckley
  125. Hate Comments – Top 10 Worst Songs of 2010/2011
  126. The Ten Worst Songs of 2012 (#10: Bella Thorne – TTYLXOX. #9: Justin Bieber – As Long as You Love Me. #8: Toby Keith – Red Solo Cup. #7: Future – Turn on the Lights. #6: Juicy J. feat. Lil’ Wayne & 2 Chainz – Bandz a Make Her Dance. #5 – Madonna ft. Nicki Minaj & M.I.A. – Give Me All Your Luvin’. #4: fun ft. Janelle Monae – We Are Young. #3: Flo Rida – Whistle. #2: Rihanna ft. Chris Brown – Birthday Cake. #1: Nicki Minaj ear-piercers like Starships, Stupid H**, Beez in the Trap ft. 2 Chainz and Pound the Alarm. “Honourable Mentions”: Tyga – Rack City, Drake ft. Lil’ Wayne – The Motto, Mumford & Sons – I Will Wait, The Lumineers – Ho Hey)
  127. Uncle Buckley’s Storytime – The Story of Boxing Day
  128. Advice No One Asked For – Number Fifteen
  129. Music Fans – A Dose of Buckley
  130. Twitter 2 (#CutForBieber) – A Dose of Buckley
  131. The NHL Returns – A Dose of Buckley
  132. MLK Weekend at ConsumeMart
  133. Manti Te’o’s Fake Girlfriend – A Dose of Buckley
  134. Musical Autopsy (Episode 13): Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop
  135. Respect (Penelope Soto) – A Dose of Buckley
  136. Originality (Harlem Shake) – A Dose of Buckley
  137. Billboard and YouTube – A Dose of Buckley
  138. Apologies for Comedy – A Dose of Buckley
  139. Advice No One Asked For – Number Sixteen
  140. Musical Autopsy (Episode 14): Serena Ryder – Stompa
  141. SimCity Launch – A Dose of Buckley
  142. How to Search My Channel – A Dose of Buckley
  143. Easter and Religion – A Dose of Buckley
  144. Jason’s J’opinions #187 – Gun Control
  145. Jocks vs Nerds – A Dose of Buckley
  146. Facebook Memes, Viral Marketing and Gullible Idiots – A Dose of Buckley
  147. 4/20 – A Dose of Buckley
  148. Advice No One Asked For – Number Seventeen
  149. 3D Print Your Own Gun – A Dose of Buckley
  150. Musical Autopsy (Episode 14): Florida Georgia Line ft. Nelly – Cruise
  151. Scumbags of the Internet #4
  152. Scumbags of the Internet #5
  153. Count Chocula – A Dose of Buckley
  154. Amanda Bynes – A Dose of Buckley
  155. Tourists R@*** in India – A Dose of Buckley
  156. Nostalgia – A Dose of Buckley
  157. Brand Loyalty 2 (Xbox One vs PS4) – A Dose of Buckley
  158. Musical Autopsy (Episode 15): Chris Brown – Fine China
  159. Obesity – A Dose of Buckley
  160. Advice No One Asked For – Number Eighteen
  161. The Zimmerman Trial – A Dose of Buckley
  162. Bad Head – Edition 3
  163. Celebrity Overdoses (Cory Monteith) – A Dose of Buckley
  164. Musical Autopsy (Episode 16): Pink ft Lily Allen – True Love
  165. Nerd Rants Promo and Info – A Dose of Buckley
  166. (Nerd Rants: Episode 01:) Reimagining the 80s and 90s: Your Childhood Is Not Important
  167. (Nerd Rants: Episode 02:) Online Gaming: A Window Into Why You Don’t Have Any Friends
  168. (Nerd Rants: Episode 03:) The Dark Knight – All Wrong for Christopher Nolan’s Trilogy
  169. (Nerd Rants: Episode 04:) Zombies, Fuck Zombies
  170. (Nerd Rants: Episode 05:) Online Dating: Not Just for Losers Anymore
  171. (Nerd Rants: Episode 06:) Bronies: Grown Men Watching A Cartoon For Little Girls
  172. Canada vs Verizon – A Dose of Buckley
  173. 30 Is The New 20 – A Dose of Buckley
  174. Advice No One Asked For – Number Nineteen
  175. Scumbags of the Internet #6
  176. Ben Affleck is Batman – A Dose of Buckley
  177. Miley Cyrus 2 – A Dose of Buckley
  178. Miley Cyrus – A Dose of Buckley
  179. Dave Chappelle’s Return – A Dose of Buckley
  180. Buckley Reads Tweets from Rappers #1 (Tweeting Rainbow)
  181. Ylvis – What Does the Fox Say – A Dose of Buckley
  182. The Pussification of Youth in Canada – A Dose of Buckley
  183. Musical Autopsy (Episode 16): Lorde – Royals
  184. Advice No One Asked For – Number Twenty
  185. “We” in Sports – A Dose of Buckley
  186. The Literal Butchering of the English Language – A Dose of Buckley
  187. Baking with Buckley – Throatclosers
  188. Rob Ford – A Dose of Buckley
  189. X-Copper Legal Services – A Dose of Buckley
  190. Google+ and YouTube – A Dose of Buckley
  191. Kim Kardashian: Philantrophist Extraordinaire – A Dose of Buckley
  192. Top Ten Worst Songs of 2013 (#10: Icona Pop ft. Chirli XCX – I Love It. #9: Kesha ft – Crazy Kids. #8: Taylor Swift – 22. #7: Cher Lloyd ft T.I. – I Wish. #6: Sage the Gemini ft. Iamsu! – Gas Pedal, Migos – Versace, J. Cole – Wop. #5: Drake – Started from the Bottom. #4: Karmin – Acapella. #3: – Major Lazer ft Bruno Mars, Tyga & 2 Chainz – Bubble B***, #2: Trinidad James – All Gold Everything. #1: Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop. “Honourable” Mentions: YG – My N****, Fall Out Boy – My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ’em Up), Justin Timberlake – TKO), Mariah Carey ft Miguel – #Beautiful, ft Justin Bieber – That Power, Ace Hood ft. Future & Rick Ross – Bugatti)
  193. Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty) – A Dose of Buckley
  194. Musical Autopsy (Episode 17): Christmas Songs
  195. Selling Out – A Dose of Buckley
  196. Prostitution in Canada – A Dose of Buckley
  197. Radio and Facebook – A Dose of Buckley
  198. Advice No One Asked For – Episode Twenty-One
  199. Justin Bieber – A Year in Review
  200. Musical Autopsy (Episode 18): Katy Perry ft Juicy J. – Dark Horse
  201. Valentine’s Day – A Dose of Buckley
  202. Celebrities Coming Out (Ellen Page) – A Dose of Buckley
  203. Buckley Reads Tweets from Rainbows #2 (Tweeting Rainboe)
  204. The CRTC vs P**n – A Dose of Buckley
  205. Colorado: High on Taxes – A Dose of Buckley
  206. YouTubers are Rich – A Dose of Buckley
  207. No Makeup Selfie Campaign – A Dose of Buckley
  208. An Important Message From The Curator Of This YouTube Channel
  209. Advice No One Asked For – Number Twenty-Two
  210. Target in Canada – A Dose of Buckley
  211. Musical Autopsy (Episode 19): Black Keys – Turn Blue
  212. The Chainsmokers – #Selfie – A Dose of Buckley
  213. Nostalgia 2 (Buzzfeed) – A Dose of Buckley
  214. You Are Not Special – Promo and Info
  215. Comic Book Movies – A Dose of Buckley
  216. Patience – A Dose of Buckley
  217. Scumbags of the Internet #7
  218. Isla Vista Shootings – A Dose of Buckley
  219. Metalheads (Babymetal) – A Dose of Buckley
  220. Musical Autopsy (Episode 19): Magic! – Rude
  221. Hypersensitivity – A Dose of Buckley
  222. Advice No One Asked For – Episode Twenty-Three
  223. KFC Charity Hoax? – A Dose of Buckley
  224. Buckley’s Acceptance Speech – London Music Awards 2014
  225. Crowdfunding – A Dose of Buckley
  226. Soccer and North Americans – A Dose of Buckley
  227. Censorship (Greenpeace vs Warner) – A Dose of Buckley
  228. Jason’s J’opinions #320: Make Your Own Bag of Ice!
  229. (Not) A Random Video – A Dose of Buckley
  230. 12 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re an 1890’s Kid
  231. William Shatner: Social Media Elitist – A Dose of Buckley
  232. Advice No One Asked For – Episode Twenty-Four
  233. Ice Bucket Challenge – A Dose of Buckley
  234. Scumbags of the Internet – A Dose of Buckley
  235. Musical Autopsy (Episode 20): Iggy Azalea ft Charli XCX – Fancy
  236. The ***penning – A Dose of Buckley
  237. Nerd Rants: Season 2 – Official Channel
  238. (Nerd Rants Episode 07:) Grand Theft Auto V: One Big C***tease
  239. (Nerd Rants Episode 08:) Spider-mam: Peter Parker Was an A**hole
  240. (Nerd Rants Episode 09:) Fandoms: You’re The Reason Why People
  241. (Nerd Rants Episode 10:) Too Many Avengers: No Wonder People Don’t Buy Comic Books
  242. (Nerd Rants Episode 11:) Bookstores: How Do They Even Still Exist?
  243. (Nerd Rants Episode 12:) Let’s Plays: Watching People Who Swear At Video Games Just For Fun and Profit
  244. Body Shaming (All About That Bass) – A Dose of Buckley
  245. Apple’s Diversity Report – A Dose of Buckley
  246. Useless YouTube Comments – A Dose of Buckley
  247. Canada’s Sociopaths (Luke Magnotta) – A Dose of Buckley
  248. Nintendo Fans Are Morons (According to Nintendo) – A Dose of Buckley
  249. Musical Autopsy (Episode 21): Meghan Trainor – Title
  250. Ebola and Dr. Chris Brown, Conspiracy Theorist – A Dose of Buckley
  251. Comic Book Movie Overload
  252. 500,000 – YouTube Sent Me A Thing
  253. Double Standards: Statutory R*** Edition – A Dose of Buckley
  254. Taylor Swift: Creator of Rare, Important Art – A Dose of Buckley
  255. Advice No One Asked For – Number Twenty-Five
  256. Jian Gomeshi: The Only Bad Person in Canada – A Dose of Buckley
  257. 5 Year Anniversary: The First 3 Doses
  258. The Ten Worst Songs of 2014 (#10: Mike Posner ft Big Sean – Top of the World. #9: Paramore – Ain’t It Fun. #8: Taylor Swift – Shake It Off/Demi Lovato – Really Don’t Care. #7: Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass. #6: Trey Songz – Smartphones. #5: Jennifer Lopez ft Iggy Azalea – Booty. #4: Rae Sremmurd – No Flex Zone. #3: Nicki Minaj – Anaconda. #2: PSY ft Snoop Dogg – Hangover. #1: Avril Lavigne – Hello Kitty. “Honourable” Mentions: Katy Perry – This Is How We Do, Charli XCX – Break the Rules, Nickelback – Edge of a Revolution, Bobby $hmurda – Hot N****)
  259. Holiday Break
  260. Nice Guy Syndrome – A Dose of Buckley
  261. 3 Misconceptions About Radio Announcers
  262. Plenty of Pricks #1
  263. Kaley Cuoco: Destroyer of Ewual Rights – A Dose of Buckley
  264. Canadian Copyright Shakedown – A Dose of Buckley
  265. TLC Kickstarter – A Dose of Buckley
  266. Musical Autopsy (Episode 22): Miranda Lambert – Automatic
  267. Anti-Vaxxers – A Dose of Buckley
  268. Kanye West: Defender of (What’s Anything But) Artistry – A Dose of Buckley
  269. Advice No One Asked For – Number Twenty-Six
  270. You’re Weird, And That’s Ok (Furries) – A Dose of Buckley
  271. Fines for Bad Reviews – A Dose of Buckley
  272. Michelle Rodriguez – Savior of White Superheroes – A Dose of Buckley
  273. Musical Autopsy (Episode 23): Beyonce – 7/11
  274. Scumbags of the Internet #9
  275. Buckley Reads Tweets: One Direction Edition (Tweeting Rainbow)
  276. Jay Z’s “Tidal” (and Music Piracy!) – A Dose of Buckley
  277. Otherkin – A Dose of Buckley
  278. Gwyneth Paltrow and the Food Bank Challenge – A Dose of Buckley
  279. YouTube: A Giant Garbage Can (According to Seinfeld) – A Dose of Buckley
  280. Fox News vs The Alternative Media – A Dose of Buckley
  281. Can’t Graduate? Just Sue! – A Dose of Buckley
  282. Deflategate, GoFundme and Super Stupid Sports Fans – A Dose of Buckley
  283. Advice No One Asked For – Number Twenty-Seven
  284. Caitlin Jenner vs Drake Bell (as Adult Miles “Tails” Prower later in my movies) vs Society – A Dose of Buckley
  285. Things Famous Dead People Said – JFK Preview
  286. Apple and Exclusivity in Music – A Dose of Buckley
  287. Uwe Boll vs Kickstarter – A Dose of Buckley
  288. Etsy: Saving Morons from Themselves Since 2015 – A Dose of Buckley
  289. The History of Rock Radio in 5 Minutes
  290. Musical Autopsy (Episode 24, a decent number to completely near-accurately describe the age these brats who acted like stereotypical teenage women as shown in this video, at least back then if not nowadays): Pop Princesses (Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande)
  291. Public Nudity and the Oppressive Patriarchy – A Dose of Buckley
  292. Guns on Drones… Yep, That’s A Thing – A Dose of Buckley
  293. The Racially Insensitive History of WWE
  294. The Five Worst Songs of 1964 (#5: Billy J. Kramer – Little Children. #4: The Trashmen – Surfin’ Bird. #3: Barbra Streisand – People. #2: The Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night. #1: Jan & Dean – Dead Man’s Curve. “Honourable” Mention: Martha and the Vandellas – Dancin’ on the Street)
  295. Advice No One Asked For – Number Twenty-Eight
  296. Pro Athletes Make Too Much (Or Do They?) – A Dose of Buckley
  297. Taylor (Swift) vs Miley (Cyrus) and S** vs Violence – A Dose of Buckley
  298. Jason’s J’opinions #473 – A Watched Pot Never Boils?
  299. Scumbags of the Internet #10
  300. Musical Autopsy (Episode 25): OMI – Cheerleader
  301. Sex Ed – A Dose of Buckley
  302. Buckley Reads Twitters From Rappers #3 – A Dose of Buckley
  303. Twitter and Celebrity Worship – A Dose of Buckley
  304. The Internet: Your Inescapable Permanent Record – A Dose of Buckley
  305. Canada’s Elections: An Absolute Circus – A Dose of Buckley
  306. The Arguments of Pro-Gun People – A Dose of Buckley
  307. Musical Autopsy (No One Asked For) (Episode 26) – Daya – Hide Away
  308. The Rise and Fall of A Dose of Buckley (Dose #200)
  309. YouTube Autopsy
  310. YouTube Autopsy (Now Available on Bandcamp)
  311. Bacon: It’s Cancer-riffic! A Dose of Buckley
  312. TLC Kickstarter Follow-Up – A Dose of Buckley
  313. Mystery Subscription Boxes – A Dose of Buckley
  314. Scumbags of the Internet #11
  315. Career Suicide (Zayn Malik) – A Dose of Buckley
  316. The Three Biggest Ripoffs in Gaming of 2015 – A Dose of Buckley
  317. Top Ten Worst Songs of 2015 (#10: Justin Bieber – I’ll Show You. #9: Sia – Alive. #8: Rae Sremmurd ft Nicki Minaj – Throw Sum Mo. #7 – Meghan Trainor – Dear Future Husband. #6: Ariana Grande – Focus. #5: Andy Grammer – Honey, I’m Good. #4: Britney Spears ft. Iggy Azalea – Pretty Girls. #3: Manika ft Tyga – I Might Go Lesbian. #2: Madonna ft Nicki Minaj – B***h I’m Madonna. #1: Silento – Watch Me. “Honourable” Mentions: all songs of the album “Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz” and very unfortunately that is a thing, Rihanna – B**** Better Have My Money, Muse – Psycho, Demi Lovato – Cool for the Summer and The Weeknd – Earned It & The Hills)
  318. Advice No One Asked For – Number Twenty-Nine
  319. Netflix and Chill – A Dose of Buckley
  320. Patrick Warburton Reads Mein Kampf – An Audio Sketch by Buckley
  321. George Lucas: Victim of White Slavers – A Dose of Buckley
  322.  Free Speech vs Hypocrisy
  323. Musical Autopsy (Episode 27): Halsey – New Americana
  324. Amy Schumer: Twitter Hero – A Dose of Buckley
  325. Doctor B.o.B.: Planetary Scientist – A Dose of Buckley
  326. YouTube’s Copyright and Fair Use Policy
  327. Advice No One Asked For – Number Thirty
  328. Buckley Reads Tweets from Rappers #4
  329. Buzzfeed Canada vs White Men – A Dose of Buckley
  330. Kylie Jenner: The One True Kylie(tm)? – A Dose of Buckley
  331. Donald Trump and the Rich Refugees – A Dose of Buckley
  332. Musical Autopsy (Episode 28): Alessia Cara – Here
  333. Dating for Dorks – A Dose of Buckley
  334. Collaboration Dorks – A Dose of Buckley
  335. And Justice for None (Jian Ghomeshi) – A Dose of Buckley
  336. Missisippi Earning (The Religious Freedoms Act) – A Dose of Buckley
  337. YouTube vs The Record Labels: Goliath vs Goliath
  338. Movie Theatre Etiquette – A Dose of Buckley
  339. Musical Autopsy (Episode 29): Lukas Graham – 7 Years (guys, this video shows why it’s not his best song. Off to See the World in My Little Pony: The Movie is!)
  340. The Oculus/Consumer Rift – A Dose of Buckley
  341. Drinking While Pregnant: A Human Right – A Dose of Buckley
  342. Social Media Meltdown #1 (Transgender Bathrooms!?)
  343. Scumbags of the Internet #12
  344. Celebrities vs Entitled Fans – A Dose of Buckley
  345. Canadians Can Be A***0**s Too! – A Dose of Buckley
  346. Rose McGowan: Billboard Police – A Dose of Buckley
  347. Brock Turner: Mommy’s Lil’ S***** Predator – A Dose of Buckley
  348. Advice No One Asked For – Number Thirty-One
  349. Musical Autopsy (Episode 30): Fifth Harmony ft Ty Dolla $ign – Work from Home
  350. Pride vs BLM vs The Police – A Dose of Buckley
  351. Pokemon Go: For 90s Kids Only – A Dose of Buckley
  352. Kim and Kanye – California State Criminals
  353. Bad Sushi = Cultural Appropriation – A Dose of Buckley
  354. Nerd Rants: Season 3 – Official Trailer
  355. (Nerd Rants Episode 13:) And Now: A Pre-Rant Rant
  356. (Nerd Rants Episode 14:) The PC vs Console War: Upgraded
  357. (Nerd Rants Episode 15:) Retro Games: The Next Worthless Collectible
  358. (Nerd Rants Episode 16:) Adventure Time: Find the Psychopath
  359. (Nerd Rants Episode 17:) Realism in Comic Book Movies: Why?
  360. (Nerd Rants Episode 18:) Creativity vs Fans: The Losing Battle
  361. (Nerd Rants Episode 19:) Star Wars: The Fem-Pire Strikes Back
  362. Doping in Sports – A Dose of Buckley
  363. Paris Hilton: Potential Terror Target – A Dose of Buckley
  364. Social Media Meltdown #2 (Disney Bullies Developers!?)
  365. Music Fans vs Celeb Posers – A Dose of Buckley
  366. Musical Autopsy (Episode 31): Dierks Bentley ft Elle King – Different From Girls
  367. Music Fans vs Poser Celebs – A Dose of Buckley
  368. Jason’s Jailbag: Jason’s J’Opinions
  369. Triggered by Twitter (Ellen and Usain) – A Dose of Buckley
  370. Advice No One Asked For – Number Thirty-Two
  371. The Right Generation – A Dose of Buckley
  372. YouTube Ads: Not For Everybody? – A Dose of Buckley
  373. Fair Use Falsehoods – A Dose of Buckley
  374. Pharrell and the Future of Creativity – A Dose of Buckley
  375. Feminism vs Feminism – A Dose of Buckley
  376. No Business Like School Business – A Dose of Buckley
  377. Britney Spears vs Relevancy – A Dose of Buckley
  378. Musical Autopsy (Episode 31): Charlie Puth ft Selena Gomez – We Don’t Talk Anymore (she did the same s**t with her other exes, hopefully that’s only a memory!)
  379. Political Correctness vs Halloween (Knott’s Berry Farm) – A Dose of Buckley
  380. Check Your Facts! – A Dose of Buckley
  381. Universities Putting Students Second – A Dose of Buckley
  382. Advice No One Asked For – Number Thirty-Three
  383. Lifestyles of the YouTube Famous – Now on Bandcamp
  384. President Trump (NOT THAT GUY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!) – A Dose of Buckley
  385. Musicians vs Cellphones – A Dose of Buckley
  386. Chipotle vs Personal Responsibility – A Dose of Buckley
  387. Buckley’s Breakdown #2 -SumoLounge Sultan Bean Bag Chair
  388. The Ten Worst Songs of 2016 (#10: Flo Rida – Zillionaire. #9: Calvin Harris & Rihanna – This is What You Came For. #8: Rihanna ft Drake – Work aka “Wah”, LOL. #7: Selena Gomez – Hands to Myself, WELL, YOU COULD IF YOU TRIED HARDER, SEL. #6: Down in the DM – Yo Gotti. #5: Kiiara – Gold. #4: Shawn Mendes – Treat You Better aka the “Nice Guys Anthem”. #3: Iggy Azalea – Team. #2: Zay Hilfigerrr & Zayion McCall – Juju on That Beat. #1: Meghan Trainor – No. “Honourable” Mentions: Hailee Steinfeld & Grey ft Zedd – Starving, Maroon 5 ft Kendrick Lamar – Don’t Wanna Know, Jon Bellion – All Time Low, Rae Sremmurd ft Gucci Mane – Black Beatles WHICH IT SURE AS HELL FELT LIKE NONE OF!!!!!!! And last but not least on the whole list, Desiigner – Panda.)
  389. Uncle Buckley’s Storytime – ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
  390. Nintendo vs Mobile Gamers – A Dose of Buckley
  391. 2016: Celebrity Assassin – A Dose of Buckley
  392. Corporate Sponsored Memes (Black Beatles) – A Dose of Buckley
  393. Musical Hell (Review 31): Jon Bellion – All Time Low
  394. Piers Morgan: Defender of Masculinity – A Dose of Buckley
  395. Hashtags & Hypocrites (#deleteuber #boycottstarbucks) – A Dose of Buckley
  396. Black Lives Matter vs Justin Trudeau – A Dose of Buckley
  397. Katy Perry vs THE SYSTEM – A Dose of Buckley
  398. PewDiePie vs YouTube – A Dose of Buckley
  399. Sunrise Records: The Craziest Companies in Canada – A Dose of Buckley
  400. Advice No One Asked For – Episode Thirty-Four
  401. Social Media Meltdown #3 (N**i Magneto!?)
  402. Fiverr: Proud Sponsor of the Race to the Bottom – A Dose of Buckley
  403. Musical Autopsy (Episode 33): Train – Play That Song
  404. How It’s Created: YouTube Videos
  405. Lady Gaga’s L*$* for John Wayne – A Dose of Buckley
  406. Harry Styles’ Fans vs Spotify – A Dose of Buckley
  407. Slayer vs Special Snowflakes – A Dose of Buckley
  408. USA vs. Canada: Net Neutrality (and Milk!) Edition – A Dose of Buckley
  409. Discover New Music & Collect Vinyl with
  410. Artistic Inspiration = Cultural Appropriation – A Dose of Buckley
  411. Meghan Trainor: Shape of Modern Music – A Dose of Buckley
  412. How Not to Become Famous (Starring PWR BTTM) – A Dose of Buckley
  413. SJWs vs… Lou Reed? – A Dose of Buckley
  414. Scumbags of the Internet #13
  415. Musical Autopsy (Episode 34): MISSIO – Middle Fingers
  416. The YouTube Subscription Conspiracy – A Dose of Buckley
  417. Halsey: The Pop Singer Who Hates Pop – A Dose of Buckley
  418. Advice No One Asked For – Number Thirty-Five
  419. Scumbags of the Internet #14
  420. Health Care – A Dose of Buckley
  421. Five Years of Gangnam Style – A Dose of Buckley
  422. Chester Bennington Murder Conspiracy – A Dose of Buckley
  423. Musical Autopsy (Episode 35): One Direction’s Solo Music Careers
  424. BuzzFeed: Celebrating Real Heroes – A Dose of Buckley
  425. Plenty of Pricks #2
  426. Scumbags of the Internet #15
  427. Musical Autopsy (Episode #36): Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do
  428. The Gender Pay Gap in Sports – A Dose of Buckley
  429. Music Festivals vs Personal Responsibility – A Dose of Buckley
  430. Buckley Reads Titles From Entitled Idiots (Tweeting Rainbow)
  431. #TakeTheKnee – A Dose of Buckley
  432. Taylor Swift vs… 3LW? – A Dose of Buckley
  433. Buckley’s Bonus! Buckley Voices Cuphead Characters
  434. Marvel: Selling War to Kids – A Dose of Buckley
  435. California’s Third Gender – A Dose of Buckley
  436. Advice No One Asked For – Number Thirty-Six
  437. Musical Autopsy (Episode 37): Nickelback – Must Be Nice
  438. Celebrity Scumbags – A Dose of Buckley
  439. Buckley’s Taking a Break Until December 15th
  440. Top Ten Worst Songs of 2017 (#10: Kesha – Praying. #9: The Chainsmokers – Paris. #8: Niall Horan – Slow Hands. 7: Sam Hunt – Body Like a Back Road. #6: Noah Cyrus – Stay Together. #5: Post Malone ft. 21 Savage – Rockstar. #4: Katy Perry – Chained to the Rhythm ft. Skip Marley/Bon Appetit ft. Migos. #3 – Lil’ Pump – Gucci Gang. #2: Taylor Swift – Ready for It… #1: Iggy Azalea – Mo Bounce. “Honourable” Mentions – Prozzak – Love Me Tinder, Julia Michaels – Uh Huh, Paramore – Hard Times, Imagine Dragons – Thunder, Cardi B. – Bodak Yellow)
  441. The War on Christmas – A Dose of Buckley
  442. Researching Millennials – A Dose of Buckley
  443. The Disney/FOX Merger – A Dose of Buckley
  444. Sooooo Sooorrry
  445. Musical Autopsy (Episode 38): Dua Lipa – New Rules
  446. Ladies Night = Human Rights Violation – A Dose of Buckley
  447.  Amazon Go: Today’s Technology Tomorrow – A Dose of Buckley
  448. Justin Timberlake’s Problematic Whiteness – A Dose of Buckley
  449. Social Media Meltdown #4 (No Grammy For Kesha!?)
  450. YouTube’s Ad Revenue Stream: Slowly Drying Up – A Dose of Buckley
  451. The Five Worst Songs of 1971 (#5: Stampeders – Sweet City Woman. #4: The Doors – Love Her Madly. #3: Three Dog Night – Joy to the World [not a cover]. #2: John Lennon – Imagine [if this weren’t a joke, my reaction would be “WHAT!!!!!!!”]. #1: Five Man Electrical Band – Signs.)
  452. Arming Teachers: An Actual Idea The President Had – A Dose of Buckley
  453. Advice No One Asked For – A Dose of Buckley
  454. Free Speech vs Trump’s Twitter Account – A Dose of Buckley
  455. Musical Autopsy (Episode 39): G-Eazy & Halsey – Him & I
  456. EPIC CAT PRANK | REAL | Brogan Lolz
  457. The YouTube Shooter vs Social Media – A Dose of Buckley
  458. Uptown Funk vs The 70s and 80s – A Dose of Buckley
  459. Amazon’s Two Finger Prime – A Dose of Buckley
  460. Incels – A Dose of Buckley
  461. Musical Autopsy (Episode 40): Luke Bryan – Most People Are Good (THAT’S how you know, ya white Southerner?! 😂)
  462. LGBTQ Gatekeeping ft Hayley Kiyoko – A Dose of Buckley
  463. Social Media Meltdown #5 (Nicki Minaj’s Cultural Appropriation!?)
  464. Deadpool 2: Woke, But Not Woke Enough (Nah, it failed at its attempt of being woke by just changing the ethnicities of Deadpool characters rather than making original characters that are of diverse races! 😆) – A Dose of Buckley
  465. Demi Lovato’s Funny S***al Assault Prank – A Dose of Buckley
  466. Advice No One Asked For – Number Thirty-Eight (and last, so far, probably because for some reason, A Dose of Buckley doesn’t make as much videos as he used to this year. What??? Did he secretly talk about every real world problem he needed to talk about in his regular videos?? He could indeed create more Musical Autopsy videos way faster than he ever did!)
  467. Buckley Reads Comments from Classical Music Videos
  468. Trump vs Canadian Shoe Smugglers . A Dose of Buckley
  469. Musical Autopsy (Episode 41): Anne-Marie (not to be confused with the All Dogs Go to Heaven character) ft Marshmello – Friends
  470. Obsessed Fans vs Jeffrey Dean Morgan – A Dose of Buckley
  471. Buckley vs Burnout (Hiatus Announcement)
  472. What I’ve Been Up To (Axe Throwing)
  473. Vimeo: The World’s Worst Poachers – A Dose of Buckley
  474. Influencers: The Panhandlers of the Internet – A Dose of Buckley
  475. Corporate Greed vs Individual Entitlement (Tweeting Rainbow)
  476. Comedy Then vs Comedy Now (or: “You Can’t Make Jokes Anymore”)


AniMat’s Reviews: Reel FX transcripts

Free Birds – AniMat’s Reviews

1. About Free Birds and Reel FX (0:00-0:42)

Free Birds

ElectricDragon505: This is actually the first animated feature to be created by Reel FX (Am I a joke to you? When will you ever review me?? – Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away). Before this, they mostly did spin-off works like shorts and theme park rides, that are based on other animated films and cartoons like Looney Tunes, Ice Age, The Simpsons, Despicable Me and many more! breathes But now that they decided to play with the big boys for their own original property, will it be a movie we will all be thankful for or should we go back in time to get THIS off the menu? Let’s find out…


Scene 2. The Story (0:42-2:29)

ElectricDragon505: Now I know that right off the bat that the entire idea is ridiculous. I mean, we ARE talking about time-traveling turkeys trying to stop Thanksgiving (try saying that ten times fast). But believe it or not, other than that, there’s nothing else to it. breathes There’s no sense of an actual plot that’s driving this movie other than the Thanksgiving mission. Which is a big problem because the film seems to confuse the plot with a goal. The goal is to give characters purpose to do something. And the plot is everything they do to get to that goal. Of course they do things to stop Thanksgiving, but they are unrelated to the story. It’s literally filled with random gags and they uselessly throw a romance subplot between Reggie and Jenny. But the worst part would be the ending, which could almost ruin the entire film. I don’t wanna spoil anything just in case, but let’s just say that time-travelling turkeys aren’t the stupidest thing in this movie. However, there are a few points I have to give them for. I’ll admit that there are times when the humour caught me off-guard and it’s actually funny. It’s mostly dumb Looney Tunes slapstick and there are pretty bad ones, sure. But there are also some that did make me laugh. Plus the fact that it does help with the movie’s ridiculous nature feeling like they know their concept is stupid so they’ll play around that. Another thing I liked is the concept of how the turkeys lived during the 17th Century. It seems interesting how they would live underground as a native tribe. Other than that, though, there are some things happening in the movie, but they don’t seem to form a story.


Scene 3. The Animation (2:29-3:57)

ElectricDragon505: I’m always interested to see some new talent and “show me what they got” with their animation, but unfortunately for Reel FX, it shows that it’s a sub-par animation studio. The only way I could describe it is that it’s cheap and generic. Like, the design doesn’t leave anything new to the imagination. After watching it for a while, it feels like all the turkeys look the same, but with a minor difference, and the places they go to don’t look that appealing to be in. It doesn’t help either that the forests and the background animation looks poorly made with fake-looking trees and a colourless atmosphere. It’s even worse that even the characters mostly have a dull colour scheme on them like brown and grey. The character animation IS decent in itself, but it should’ve gone into a more cartoony route with it like Madagascar to fit more with the silly premise. Honestly, other than that, I couldn’t think of anything else to say about the animation. And that’s the sad part of it. Often, animated films would have one element or one scene with their animation that really stands out and makes the movie memorable, but they haven’t done anything special with it at all and just makes it pretty dull to look at the whole way through. It’s weird considering that their other works are sometimes visually exciting, but that’s not the case with this film.


4. The Characters (3:57-5:45)

ElectricDragon505: It’s a little weird describing the characters. They’re actually pretty well-written themselves, but it wasn’t executed as well. Let’s start off with Reggie, a lonely turkey who wants to find his place. It’s interesting to see how he finds it by either being alone or to be with Jenny, but that only happens at a few points in the movie. The rest of the time it just feels like he’s just there to help out on the mission. Same thing can be said about Jake. He’s a pretty well-developed character with an interesting backstory about his determination to stop Thanksgiving, but most of the time he’s just butting heads with Ranger to show who’s got the biggest balls between the two just to fill the movie with slapstick humour. There’s Jenny who’s more a love interest to Reggie, but she does show that she could be more than that by being a strong member of the tribe as the daughter of the chief. And then there’s Miles Standish, the man who goes hunting for turkeys for his hungry town, bounty hunter style. He’s okay as a villain, not really intimidating but still has a threatening nature and you know there will be trouble when you see him on screen. Not the best villain I’ve seen, but decent enough to pass. As for the rest, they’re completely irrelevant to the movie. The grand majority of them are just passed on as comedy reliefs, giving out nothing to the plot nor give out anything memorable about them. Although I will say that some of them are pretty funny and the ones that do have a bit of a point to the plot only do have a few minutes of screen time just to never be heard from again. I can’t say that some of these characters are bad, in fact, they’re actually pretty good. They’re just not handled well.


5. Verdict (5:45-7:08)

ElectricDragon505: I should’ve known that this was a dumb movie just by its premise alone. I could honestly see where this film could have been a great comedy, but Free Birds is just a poorly executed movie where even though it can give some good laughs, it doesn’t make up for its empty story, weak animation, bad use of good characters, and a horrible ending. If I have to do a recommendation for this, I say just wait until you can rent it for Thanksgiving. Not to actually watch it, though, but just to put it on TV while the whole family’s around as background noise and to distract the kids at the same time. I can’t believe I have to do this AGAIN!!! this year, and this film was actually so close to escaping it too, but it unfortunately earns the AniMat’s Seal of Garbage. sigh You know, the only thing I could say at this point is just “PLEASE, HELP US, DISNEY!!! You’re our only hope!!!” (welp, guess how that turned out!! It was surpringly way too much to ask for Walt Disney Animation Studios to ask for to make a good 2013 animation!!)

Story: 4/10

Animation: 3/10

Characters: 6/10




The Book of Life – AniMat’s Reviews


1. About The Book of Life (0:00-1:00)

The Book of Life

ElectricDragon505: I honestly don’t know what to expect out of this. It could turn out to be either awesome, or, pretty bad. On one hand, this is brought to us by an animation studio (now entering the movie scene,) called Reel FX. Which last year, they brought up their debut with Free Birds, a Thanksgiving movie that people are anything but thankful that they’ve seen it. But on the other hand, this is produced by Guillermo de Toro, who’s not only an amazing filmmaker, but a great producer for some of the works of DreamWorks, like Megamind, Puss in Boots, Kung Fu Panda 2 and Rise of the Guardians. So will this movie open the pages to a new life in front of our eyes? Or should it belong to the Land of the Forgotten? Let’s find out…


2. The Story (1:00-2:45)

ElectricDragon505: It’s not easy to describe everything that happened in this film. But the best way to say it is that it’s a love triangle with a Dia le las Muertos theme. The story itself with the love triangle is nothing really new. Two guys fighting for the affection of a girl but are still all friends with the good hearted underdog the hero of the town, and the beautiful girl. It doesn’t help either that the plot also incorporates a lot of old cliches from the dead mom, to the disappointed father who wants his son in the family business, and so much more.

Dali 2: You pick yourself a fiesty one!

Carlos Sanchez: annoyed, knocks him to the left side of him

ElectricDragon505: That and they try to incorporate this subtle message about animal cruelty, but it doesn’t fit into the story well. However, I WILL say that it is still well-executed thansk to the charm of the characters and some of the original spins they put into it. But the story itself will not be what people remember the most. That would be the theme of Dia le las Muertos. The movie really captures the idea of what the Mexican holiday is all about, along with its folklore that go with it. It even explores all around the afterlife to give a good representation of life after death, while still keeping with the theme of the Mexican holiday. What also helps is the way that it’s told as a story by a museum curator to a bunch of kids. Which really helps wth the fantasy element and does give it a good excuse to be a tale of love. While the story itself may not be the biggest selling point, the idealogy and concept it offers is truly something to admire.


3. The Animation (2:45-5:06)

ElectricDrsgon505: Wow! I mean, WOW! I think it goes without saying that this could be one of the best-looking animated films this year! like I said before, this movie is all about the theme of Dia de las Muertos. And if it’s not the ideas that make it intriguing, then it’s hands-down the animation! Just by the amount of detail that they put into EVERYTHING looks amazing! One of the most unique traits it has, is how the characters are all designed. Which they all look like Mexican figures with wood textures and seperate joints in their arms and legs. Even with their animation, the animators have found many creative ways to bring their characters to life! It really emphasizes that someone is telling this story and it lets the design to be free to have this contemporary Mexican style into them! Although, they try to incorporate that on the heroes on the story as well, but THAT doesn’t work. They just look like terribly drawn kids. On the plus side, though, there ARE some moments where they use 2D animation in order to show some flashbacks of the origin of a character that gives out a nice variety of animation, while maintining the film’s Mexican art style. But then you have the backgrounds and the settings. As the movie progresses, the environment becomes more and MORE FASCINATING TO LOOK AT! The museum in the beginning starts out the right way by giving out a taste of what’s to come, and then it comes to the village when the story is set to get the Mexican atmosphere, AND THEN THE MOVIE REALLY KICKS UP when Manolo enters the Land of the Remembered, where everything is more detailed, more colorful and, ironically, MORE ALIVE.

Manolo: delighted chuckle a song when Manolo enters the Land of the Dead, which like the movie, has animation and scenes so good that like with Coco, their “Land of the Dead” feels as, or maybe even more alive than their “Land of the Living”

Skeletal horseback rider: Welcome, to the “Land of the Remembered”!

ElectricDragon505: And it’s the place where the movie’s creativity really kicks up into high gear. Never have I seen an animation studio get such an upgrade to their animation from this (Free Birds) TO THIS (the far superior The Book of Life, and yes, especially animation-wise)!


4. The Characters (5:06-7:24)

ElectricDragon505: Like the story, it’s not about how the characters are written, but how they’re executed. Concept-wise, they are generic and sound like plenty of other characters from different animated films. Take Manolo, for example. He wants to be a musician, but his dad wants him to be a Torréro to keep the family tradition alive. What makes him a likeable character is the love he has for Maria, and is so passionate to be with her that it makes the audience want HIM to achieve that goal! As for Maria herself and Joaquin, they’re both generic characters being the love interest and the Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)-like hero of the town, but because the three have been friends since kids (as in “during their childhood”), it gives them awesome depth and a background to understand what they’re going with it. And then there are ALL the other people in the film. This movie decided to take a BIG risk to have so many different characters different characters appearing in the film. But believe it or not, it somehow managed to find a way to make it work! Every single one of them have their unique personality and likability, along with a shared amount of time in the film! It also helps that they have their own unique and creative design to diffrentiate one another. This can range from Manolo’s music buddies to his family in the Land of the Remembered to everyone else that lives in Manolo and Joaquin’s village to the bad guys lead by Chakal from outside of town, but possibly the most interesting characters, are Xibalba and La Muerte, who are the ones that make the story happen with their bet on who wins Maria’s heart.

Dalis: Oh.

Joaquin: Ha ha ha!

Xibalba: I bet Maria will marry Joaquin.

La Muerte: Very well.

Xibalba: By the ancient rules. a hard rainstorm falls The wager is set.

ElectricDragon505: They have this great chemisty together with their previous relationship, and are interesting individually with the pwers they hold! It’s funny how the characters are a lot like the moral of this movie: it’s not what they are conceptually, it’s who they are themselves that really matter.


5. The Book of Life Rave Verdict (7:24

Oh, so THAT’S why Free Birds sucked! It’s just that everybody in Rell FX put all their energy and creativity into THIS film! The Book of Life is a fascinating look into the Day of the Dead that tells a love story with amazing animation and a large cast of memorable characters! I would even dare say the amount of creativity in the film would challenge The Lego Movie! I definitely recommend you go check it out! And considering its theme of The Day of the Dead, this would make a great Hallowe’en movie if you’re not up for something scary! Actually, the perfect time to go watch this film would be on November 02nd, since that IS when the actual Dia de los Muertos is happening!

Story: 8/10

Animation: 9/10

Characters: 8/10

8/10 (same results as Megamind and Penguin Highway for being great movies. So much so, that even though The Book of life turned out awesomely made regardless of having cliched concepts, it does look like something that would get the Seal of garbage compared to both movies, they’re that good!)



Rumble – AniMat’s Reviews (coming soon in 2020)








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