What do I think of the years of the early 21st Century AD (so far at the beginning couple of decades)?

  1. 2000 – Ends an old millennium/starts a new one with a bang!
  2. 2001 – Sometimes (but mostly) a hit, sometimes a miss.
  3. 2002 – One of the best!
  4. 2003 – Highly enjoyable!
  5. 2004 – Very memorable!
  6. 2005 – Great, but like any other year, not without some shortcomings
  7. 2006 – Hit-or-miss (but mostly hit because its music is great albeit a few major stinkers like Chain Hang Low, Shawty, Before He Cheats and London Bridge)
  8. 2007 – Irreplacable (no pun intended on a Beyonce song)!
  9. 2008 – Either amazing (its music and films) or one of the worst, depending on what it is (the infamous Financial Crisis!)
  10. 2009 – A mixed bag (a mostly great year for music and animation, but also one of the weakest years of the 2000s along with the previous year)
  11. 2010 – Pretty darn neat!
  12. 2011 – One of the best!
  13. 2012 – Highly enjoyable!
  14. 2013 – Sometimes enjoyable (but mostly so disappointing that I even made a post dedicated to how problematic it really is!!!)
  15. 2014 – A massive step-up to the point of being pretty good (Re: as a year of animation, there was Song of the Sea, Big Hero 6, Penguins of Madagascar, How to Train Your Dragon 2, The Lego Movie, The Tale of Princess Kaguya, The Wind Rises, et cetera et cetera)!
  16. 2015 – Sometimes on par with other years (some of the 2000s and most of the early half of the 2010s), yet mostly a massive downgrade.
  17. 2016 – When things are good (re: 2016 has the best animated films like Zootopia, Your Name and Kubo and the Two Strings), they’re what makes ‘16 less than the worst year, but when they’re bad, that’s what makes them close to that nearly abysmal level of quality (re: it has songs like Sweatshirt, Sit Still Look Pretty, No, Juju On That Beat, Don’t Wanna Know, Work From Home, Closer, 7 Years, the list just goes on)… because things really are starting to go downhill…
  18. 2017 – One of the worst in many ways like how it ended with THAT LOGAN PAUL INCIDENT, yet people like to praise its music and animations when they are what ruins the late 2010s (though sometimes it can have redeemable moments).
  19. 2018 – At most, just a moderate step-up from the previous year, but mostly very underwhelming (re: it’s movies like the ones made by Disney like Incredibles 2 and Ralph Breaks the Internet)
  20. 2019 – Sometimes worthwhile (but mostly one of the worst (the rise of the worstly-decade-ending Coronavirus, overpraised pop hits like Better Now, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Earth, Cardi B, Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello, etc)
  21. 2020 – No matter how much good comes out of it, it’ll always be infamous for being one of the most toxic years of all time (and I mean 1930S BAD)

Top 10 Worst Cartoons of the 2000s Scene Selection

  1. Intro
  2. Why SpongeBob is Excluded from the List
  3. Coconut Fred’s Fruit Salad Island
  4. About Ren and Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon
  5. The Ripping Friends
  6. Drawn Together
  7. The “Servant Girl” Segment of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  8. Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get a Clue!
  9. Loonatics Unleashed
  10. Western Cartoons With Anime Influences
  11. One Piece (4Kidz Dub)
  12. The Cramp Twins
  13. Pixel Pinkie
  14. Da Boom Crew
  15. #1?
  16. Conclusion
  17. Credits

Top 10 Worst Cartoons of the 1990s scene selection

  1. Not Even the 90s Was a Perfect Decade for Cartoons
  2. #10
  3. Donkey Kong Country (Late 1990s TV show)
  4. Caillou
  5. Angela Anaconda
  6. Aliens: An R-Rated Movie With a Toy Line
  7. Little Shop (1991)
  8. Hammerman
  9. An Even Worse Celebrity-Based Cartoon
  10. Kid N’ Play
  11. The Brothers Flub
  12. When Even I Get Facts Wrong
  13. Stressed Eric
  14. #2
  15. The Grossout Trend
  16. DM1: ProStars
  17. DM2: Sonic Underground
  18. DM3: Yo Yogi!
  19. DM4: New Kids on the Block (1990)
  20. DM5: Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain
  21. DM6: Wish Kid
  22. DM7: Quack Pack
  23. THE Absolute Worst 1990s Show… What Will It Be?
  24. The Wacky World of Tex Avery
  25.  Conclusion

[YTP] Woody Loses His Schmoe scene selection

  1. Main Titles
  2. Buzz’s Mission
  3. Game Over (x5)
  4. Woody Wasted
  5. Schmoes
  6. Woody Scares Andy
  7. Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!
  8. Lou’s Thigh Burn
  9. Jessie the Yodelling Cowgirl
  10. Hamm Changes Channels
  11. Heading Out
  12. Buzz’s Speech and Dance
  13. Woody vs. Jessie
  14. Crossing the Road
  15. Meanwhile at Marvel Studios
  16. Al Dances to Stayin’ Alive
  17. Into the Vents
  18. Buzz’s Comeback
  19. Stinky Pete
  20. Zurg Battle
  21. At the Airport
  22. Back at Andy’s
  23. Chew 5 Gum Commercial
  24. You Got a Friend in Me Reprise
  25. Conclusion

YTP: Buzz Catches COVID-19 scene selection

  1. Advisory
  2. The Game
  3. Game Over
  4. Staff Meeting
  5. rip schmoe time (1999-2020)
  6. The Roll is Completely Gone!
  7. Outside!
  8. The next day
  9. Al’s W**** Barn
  10. Lightyear’s Dog Food
  11. Calling Buzz Lightyear
  12. Out of the park!
  13. Buzz vs. Gromit
  14. You have a New Message!
  15. Mission Failed
  16. Buzz Has COVID-19!
  17. “I Can’t Help”
  18. The Man in the Moon
  19. More Buzz Lightyears
  20. Special Thanks to Our Patreon Supporters!

How strong are the Horrendous Qualities (and some of the Good Qualities) of the Bayformers films, according to Miraheze Wikis?

Transformers ‘07 (get it?! Because Sonic ‘06, while it’s even less unbearable than the average Bayformers movie solely because of SOME hilarious awkwardness, they are both very similar movies because of characters so horrible that it just takes one character to ruin a whole cast, whom in this case, are Princess Elise III and Sam Witwicky)

Bad Qualities

  1. Even though it is meant to be a Transformers film, despite being a Transformers film, both the Autobots and the Decepticons almost didn’t get a lot of screen time. This film focuses mostly on the humans. – Incredible (aka “Very Strong”)
  2. The Autobots & the Decepticons radical redesigns drew a divided response from fans. – Strong
  3. It has a lot of product placement, a trademark of Michael Bay. (However it does makes sense for the Transformers, as they do turn into cars and aircraft). – Complete (and also “Partial”)
  4. It overuses too many explosions, another trademark of Michael Bay. – Strong
  5. The Decepticons aren’t really explained quite well, making many watchers who aren’t fans be pretty confused. – Incredible
  6. The movie does portrays most of the Decepticons as mindless-animals that are out for destruction, unlike in the original series. – Incredible
  7. Continuity error, Brawl (Tank Decepticon) is named Devastator in the movie, while in the sequel there’s another Decepticon with the same name. the writers confirmed that it’s an error in the first movie. – Incredible
  8. Some juvenile humor, such as the scene where bumblebee urinates oil on Seymour Simmons and when Sam’s mom thinks Sam is m********ing. – Incredible
  9. Misdirected acting, especially from Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky and John Turturro as Seymour Simmons. – Incredible
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9OUGLjD0Tg&feature=youtu.be&t=178 – Incredible
  11. When Jazz died, the movie, like the later films, didn’t bother t9 treat him like a character so later on, they forget him and continue the story as if he never existed. – Very strong
  12. The Decepticons are portrayed in the is film as menacing just like the original cartoon series, but in a far less greater way because of Michael Bay’s awkward direction, they also get too little screen time and can also stomp on the Transformers mythology. – Strong
  13. BAY’S. DIRECTION. OF THE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Very strong
  14. Starscream had a presentation nearly as tiny as possible, then in the sequels, he was back to being portrayed as a coward again. – Incredible
  15. Due to this film’s overall success, Transformers Animated was created to tie in directly to it. – Incredible (it’s a Transformers series we didn’t need after all because of Isenberg’s mishandling of the Transformer’s franchise nearly up to par with Bay’s)

Redeeming Qualities (right?)

  1. Decent action scenes, camera and effect wise. – Moderate
  2. Impressive CGI effects, especially for the Autobots and the Decepticons. – Moderate
  3. Some of the voice actors reprise their roles from the 80s Transformers series, including Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime, despite their talents being wasted on one of the most disappointing movies of all time. – Partial (but mostly N/A because no matter how harder the Transformers tried to have better acting compared to the humans in the rest of the movies except for Age of Extinction for being mixed at worst, the script of the movie is so insulting that it doesn’t motivate them to try harder)
  4. Epic soundtrack composed by Steve Jablonsky, especially the end credits music (“What I’ve Done” by Linkin Park). – Strong (maybe even too much so for a Bayformers movie)
  5. Just ONE piece of faithfulness to the source material, such as the “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings” line, despite being a lot less well-delivered. – Partial (but Mostly Mild)
  6. It spawned Bumblebee, which was a great prequel which saved both the film franchise and the franchise as a whole. – Strong (okay… I’ll give the movie THIS for it’s existence, as appallingly done as it is)
  7. The film was able to attract many people to the Transformers series as a whole. – N/A (though somehow, it DID happen, probably because of the little things the movie had to offer).
  8. One hilarious and funny quote such as: “SHUT UP GRANDMA, DRINK YOUR PRUNE JUICE!” – Partial (It’s funny because of how over-the-top and angry it is, but also because of the cruel-spiritedness and racial insensitivity of the film, they don’t make it explainable why the man’s grandmother was being a b, making it even more bombastically pretentious)
  9. Bay was told by soldiers the film helped their children understand what their work was like, and that many had christened their Buffalos – the vehicle used for Bonecrusher – after various Transformer characters. – Strong (but also Partial because it’s also a massive issue because like Bobsheaux said in his Bayformers review, “They let the military do all the robot fighting!!!!!”)
  10. If it wasn’t for this film, and its promotional effect on the Transformers toy line, Hasbro probably wouldn’t have been inspired to create My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. – Wait, WHAT?! XD (That does sound like a good thing since while it’s not perfect because of some of its characters in https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VNAIH0YoNkI, MLP: FiM is much, MUCH more mature and gender-neutral than Bayformers ever will be, but the only reason why THAT can even be considerable is because it’s a Bayformers Movie.

Revenge of the Fallen

  1. Despite being a Transformers movie, most of the screen time goes to the humans. While most of the Transformers’ screen time was given to Bumblebee, this caused the other Transformers to not be explored or even have any time to get fleshed out. Megatronus Prime is the primary villain of the film, but he never gets any time to be given a motive or any character traits. There are a bunch of Constructicons, and the movie never gives you time to know who is who. – Incredible
  2. Sideways and the Constructicons were teased about having signified roles. However, there were entirely in the background, and they barely impact the story. – Incredible
  3. Jetfire, a former Decepticon, never even stands out as his own character in the film. He mainly serves as a power-up for Optimus Prime in the final battle. – Incredible
  4. Grindor is just both a bootlegged version and a significant step back from Blackout. He is a pointless Decepticon to have, so much to the point that he was never seen again after this film. – Incredible
  5. Multiple plotholes. For example, a piece of the Allspark was used to bring Megatron back to life. But when Optimus is temporarily killed, the part of the Allspark in Mikaela’s possession is not used to bring him back to life. – Incredible
  6. The confusing way that the Constructicons are incorporated: one of them is killed at the start, then Devastator forms from a set of nine of them (despite the fact that it’s only supposed to be seven), but then four more are seen fighting the humans in the desert. About the only way, this makes sense is if there is more than one set of Constructicons. – Incredible
  7. Bizarre geographical errors, such as saying The Pentagon is in Washington DC (it’s actually in Arlington, Virginia), the back door of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s annex at Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia leading to the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group, an aircraft graveyard in Tucson, Arizona, or forgetting that Egypt and Jordan don’t share a border. – Strong
  8. Juvenile humor, such as Devastator having wrecking balls dangling between his legs (referred to as “the enemy’s scrotum” in Simmons’ dialogue, just in case anyone thought this was accidental), Sam’s pet dog Mojo humping Frankie, Sam’s other dog, and Jetfire farting. – Incredible
  9. Random inclusion of annoying humor that only served as in-jokes and were heavily accused of racist stereotyping, who are, of course, Skids and Mudflap. However, as stated in the first “Transformers” film, it is explained that the Autobots found things from Earth’s culture that they liked, so the twins probably found interest in gangsta rap music, which is the reason why they talk all slang. – Incredible
  10. Skids and Mudflap were accused of being racial stereotypes. – Incredible
  11. The CGI doesn’t quite mesh well at all. It doesn’t feel like they’re really there, such as the scene where Sam is restrained while Scalpel and it’s assistants examine him. – Incredible
  12. As in the first film, the Transformer designs are massively over-complicated with billions of unnecessary moving parts, making it hard to tell who is even a Autobot or a Decepticon. – Incredible
  13. It continues the first film’s love affair with too-close “shaky cam” fight scenes, which, when combined with the above, makes it very difficult to tell who is doing what to who. – Incredible
  14. It wastes potential for Megatronus Prime, Arcee, Chromia, Elita-1 (originally Optimus’ love interest in G1), the Constructicons, Grindor, Jolt, Sideways, Sideswipe, Jetfire, Skids & Mudflap, Alice the Pretender, Ravage, Wheelie and Soundwave. – Incredible
    • Speaking of Soundwave, he almost never appears in the film and is only seen in one scene (twice actually, but that scene was repeated twice, trying to be different scenes)
  15. The acting and performances from the human characters are a significant step back from the first film, especially from Shia Labeouf, who just screams most of his lines. – Incredible
  16. The poorly developed characters from the first film, such as Sam’s parents, aren’t given any worthwhile character development. – Incredible
  17. The film blatantly reuses stock footage from the previous film in certain places. – Incredible
  18. A lot of awkward moments, such as the scene where Seymour Simmons gets his pants ripped off for no reason at all, revealing his underwear. – Incredible
  19. This movie version of Optimus Prime proves to be bizarrely cruel and mean, unlike his G1 counterpart, particularly with his infamous “Give me your FACE! line at the end. Even at the start, he murders an injured Constructicon in cold blood (although, in fairness, in the first film, Bonecrusher is the only Decepticon that Optimus murders, thus showing that Optimus in the first film was something more like G1 Optimus). – Incredible
    • Speaking of Optimus Prime, his death and the Matrix of Leadership were used way too early.
  20. There are pointless subplots that go nowhere and aren’t even mentioned again, other than to pad out the movie’s runtime. – Incredible
  21. The action scenes, such as the forest fight, suffer not just from incomprehensibility, but also have a lot of shaky camerawork. – Strong
  22. The CGI for the Transformers is still ugly. In particular, Devastator’s model reportedly “fried” an animator’s PC. – Strong
  23. As a character reduced to a secondary role, Megatron is still a weak villain. – Strong
  24. Half-decent voice acting for the Transformers themselves, because the voice actors reprising all their roles know how to voice the Transformers, but they only did the best they could for a movie as obnoxious as RotF. – Mild
  25. This was the (only) film that Skids and Mudflap appear, and they are never seen again afterwards (on the novel version of Dark of the Moon, they get killed by Sentinel Prime. Well, depending on your opinion-whether or not, it’s a redeeming quality that they die). – Incredible (and Partial since it is one of the ONLY legit redeeming qualities of the movie)

Redeeming Qualities (if there even are any)

  1. Jetfire’s line about his ancestors is pretty funny, particularly when he mentions that his first ancestor was the first wheel ever invented and that he could never transform. – N/A
  2. Great soundtrack composed by Steve Jablonsky (composer of the other films), especially the credits song “New Divide” by Linkin Park. One could argue that Revenge of the Fallen‘s soundtrack is even better than the first film’s. – Strong (once again, too good for one of the worst film pentalogies since Twilight while Step Up is the greatest pentalogy)

Dark of the Moon (WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! – Bobsheaux)

Bad Qualities

  1. It wastes potential for Shockwave, The Driller, Crankcase, Crowbar, Hatchet, Soundwave (again), Laserbeak, Dino/Mirage, The Wreckers and Wheeljack/Que. – Incredible
  2. Just like Revenge of the Fallen, it butchers great actors, such as Leonard Nimoy, John Malkovich, Frances McDormand, and Patrick Dempsey. – Incredible
  3. Mikaela Banes (Sam’s girlfriend played by Megan Fox), doesn’t appear in this film and is instead replaced by Carly as Sam’s girlfriend, due to her decision to leave the franchise. Carly herself isn’t that interesting of a love interest compared to Mikaela. Many fans believe it’s a wasted potential since she never appears again and it could have made the movie better if Mikaela Banes was married to Sam at the end of the movie. – Incredible
  4. Shockwave was the most hyped, which many people believed that he would be the main antagonist. However, he only had seconds of screen time and Sentinel Prime was the main antagonist. – Incredible
  5. Lots of plot holes for example, Carly overheard Sentinel’s plans but just looking into a microscope and once she was rescued, Sam told the N.E.S.T about their plans despite Carly not having anytime to tell him. – Incredible
  6. All of the Autobots are treated as disposable redshirts except Bumblebee and Optimus. – Incredible
  7. Several major Decepticon characters are violently killed off for no real reason other than because their evil. – Incredible
  8. Many of the characters that were underdeveloped in previous films never develop in any way. – Incredible
  9. There are two scenes where it can be clearly seen that the stock footage of The Island, also directed by Michael Bay, is used. Click here to see the proof. – Incredible
  10. It’s another film filled with mindless, consequence-free city-destruction. – Incredible
  11. Speaking of the city destruction, some shots are very disturbing for a PG-13 movie, such as a shot where a Decepticon fighter turns a group of running civilians into skulls and bones, and a shot with human corpses in a destroyed bus. – Mild
    • There was even a scene in the original script where Megatron shoots an elephant which leads to scaring the animals, but was never made being deemed too violent for the movie and due to Michael Bay being an animal lover. That scene however is available in the comic book adaptation of the movie. – Moderate
  12. Seeing the running civilians in terror getting blasted apart on-screen is very frightening. – N/A (for me at least. It depends on the viewer considering how subjective this flaw is compared to the rest. That SHOULD sound like another reason why I hate most Bayformers films, but as a fan of extreme scariness, I’ll let this reason pass as a redeeming quality, as much as I hate to do it for a Bayformers film.)
  13. Sam and the others go to Chicago with their only intention being to save Carly, and not to stop the Decepticons from taking over the entire world. – Incredible (WHY, SAM?!?!?! WHY THE F*** WOULDN’T YOU WANT TO STOP THE BIGGEST THREAT TO THE WORLD?!?!?!?! IS IT BECAUSE OF HOW COWARDLY YOU WERE WHEN YOU EXISTED WHEN TRANSFORMERS WAS A TRILOGY?!?!?!?!?! NO WONDER YOU HAD NO APPEARANCE AFTERWARDS!!!!!!!! AND BY THE WAY, BUMBLEBEE IS A ROBOT, NOT A F***ING CAR!!!!!!!!!)
  14. The opening scene in which the Ark crash lands on the moon is a blatant rip-off of Transformers: Armada’s intro. – Incredible
  15. Very overdone CGI for the Transformers, as like the previous films. – Strong
  16. Although Transformers fans prefer this film’s version of Sentinel Prime over Transformers Animated‘s Sentinel Prime (As in Animated, Sentinel was portrayed as an irredeemable pompous jerk.), Sentinel (in Dark of the Moon) is too much like Megatron – one of the movie’s even lesser problems, yet beyond underused. – Strong
  17. Jerry Wang is not only unnecessary, but also AN OFFENSIVE PUNCHLINE OF ASIAN STEREOTYPES WITH THE “Get it?! Because he has a small c***!” joke. – Incredible
  18. While it does waste potential for certain Decepticons, not all of them are treated as mindless monsters here. – Partial (but mostly N/A since there is NO tolerable character in Dark of the Moon)

Redeeming Qualities

  1. (Too) good and emotional(ly manipulative) soundtrack composed by Steve Jablonsky, especially the credits song (“Iridescent” by Linkin Park) – Strong (like it’s predecessors, it’s soundtrack is epic, but that’s the problem… it’s too good!)
  2. Leonard Nimoy (AKA Spock from Star Trek) voices Sentinel Prime, which is also a call back to him voicing Galvatron in the animated movie. – Partial (but mostly tiny because while the idea was needed, the delivery was ruined by Michael Bay)
  3. Some Transformers fans prefer this film’s version of Sentinel Prime over Transformers Animated‘s Sentinel Prime. As in Animated, Sentinel was portrayed as an irredeemable pompous jerk. – N/A (but good point. Or, in the French language, touché.).
  4. Seeing the running civilians in terror getting blasted apart on-screen is very frightening. – Strong (IF THE MOVIE ITSELF WERE IN TERMS OF GOOD QUALITY RATHER THAN NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  5. While it can be dark (No pun intended), the movie’s action scenes can feel epic. – Partial (I’ll give the movie credit where credit is due: At least its action is a step-up from Revenge of the Fallen with SOME inspiration from Uncharted, though it does massively suffer from cameras so terrible that like Earth to Echo, it makes it harder to appreciate)
  6. Great sound design. In fact, it could be said that at the time, it was even better than the previous two films, given a trivia point below. – Partial (it’s just too bad it was wasted on a film as messed up and cruel-spirited as this sequel to Transformers: Yellow of the Desert)
  7. While it does waste potential for certain Decepticons, not all of them are treated as mindless monsters here. – Partial (but WAY more of a bad quality than a redeeming quality)
  8. It’s at least a slight improvement over Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Such as when The Transformers has more screen time. – Bare (meaning while it’s just BARELY, no pun intended, an improvement over its predecessor, it’s still so bad that it’s doesn’t count as a general and necessary improvement)
    • It’s not as bad as Transformers: Age of Extinction and Transformers: The Last Knight.
    • It doesn’t even have as much juvenile humor as the previous film.
    • The ending is a lot more satisfying than the other 3 aforementioned films. Despite that, many major Decepticons are killed off without fleshed out detail.
  9. Some pointless Transformers from previous movies, such as Grindor, as well as Skids and Mudflap are removed (the latter 2 are barely in the movie however, they were killed in the comic book adaptation). – N/A (sure, it is replacing the absolute worst Transformers in history, but that’s just getting rid of them yet not the characters that are no better)

Age of Extinction

Bad Qualities

  1. This film feels very unnecessary as the previous film felt like a satisfying ending (NOT! – Wayne in Wayne’s World) to the series despite that latter of the franchise being mediocre. – N/A (if anything, Transformers: Age of Extinction is actually very necessary for the Transformers live-action movies series like Bumblebee because it is actually an apology for everything that went wrong in its predecessors… well, ALMOST everything… So, why is AoE the most hated film in the pentalogy when it’s actually the most watchable? Huh??)
  2. Just like the previous two terrible Transformers movies, the movie keeps having a lot of same problems from all the previous Transformers films. Cinema Sins even stated that he felt Nicola Peltz’s performance as Tessa in this film was worse than her performance as Katara in The Last Airbender. – N/A (Seriously?! Nicola’s performance as Tessa Yeager is an UPGRADE from her performance as the completely watered-down Katara! Though yeah, she is too in love with a most-if-not-all-of-the-time jerk, which we’ll get to soon).
  3. While the acting is suprisingly great, especially from Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci, there IS one elephant-in-the-room (Jack Reynor as a character whose name sounds like an infamous YouTuber that was very overhyped in most of the 2010s despite his bigotry and films that are not cool… so with that said… I just wish people were more like Bobsheaux… outside of that “Studio Ghibli is too hard to follow! Modern Pixar films like Cars 2, Brave, Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4 are much better than people give it credit for because they DID have heart, exhilarating action and the best animation even by Pixar standards!” bull-crap, because I swear to God I have seen WAY too much people give the best Bayformers films closed-mindedly negative opinions, yet give what’s REALLY wrong with it a free pass by not acknowledging how Sam Witwicky-like he REALLY is)!
  4. SHANE. F***ING. DYSON!!!!!!!!! (if I could ever edit Awful Movies Wiki, I would totally sneak “Shane Dyson is a very unlikeable character who treats his partner like property more than a human.”) – Incredible (Yeah, I said Bobsheaux was right! Shane Dyson IS underhated!!!!!)
  5. The movie’s length is way too long for a Transformers (or a toy film) film, with the runtime is 165 minutes (2 hours and 45 minutes), with practically nothing going on in this movie. – N/A (although yes, the movie is 11 quarter-hours long, it does make it all worth it by having stuff happening).
  6. The film focuses on establishing sequels, rather than being a movie, or a story. – Partial (Why partial? Well yes, it is a pretty sequel-bait movie, but something people don’t see in the movie is that it tried to be a movie with a story more than some others)
  7. The movie recycles way too many plot elements and tropes, one of the worst examples is the scene where the Autobots got on a battle on a huge spaceship in Chicago, making the whole battle feels like a rehash to Dark of the Moon. – Strong (Okay, good point. Yeah, see, I never in my life called the fourth Bayformers a masterpiece in general, but for Michael Bay standards, it is actually refreshing! So all in all, maybe TF4: AoE is a beautiful mess)
  8. False Advertising: There was going to have a Dinobot in the movie, However, the Dinobots barely get the amount of screen time in the film and they only appear in the final act. – Moderate (which is sad, because the Dinobots were pretty fun characters!)
  9. The pacing is very slow. – N/A (I dunno. For a movie as long as Australia starring Roddy St. James of Kensington, it’s actually pretty fluent)
  10. Lots of padding that makes the whole movie feel longer than it actually is. – Moderate (see, the predecessors of the movie have a runtime that is ONLY SLIGHTLY shorter, yet they get more of a free pass anyways even though they have an incredible level of padding that not even AoE has anything on)
  11. The movie’s opening gives the Transformers way too much backstory in 65 million B.C, which it completely ruins to what made them mysterious. – Partial
  12. To many unnecessary slow motion scenes, especially the scenes where they use a car to punch a human soldier. – Moderate (they are pretty epic, but yes, ANY movie could have benefitted more from not overusing slow-motion like Batman v Superman)
  13. It still overuses a lot of explosions, and destruction, since it was directed by Micheal Bay. – Moderate
  14. Plot-holes, and a lot of unexplained details, everywhere. – Strong
    • Why an Arctic officer aimed Darcy for no reason?
    • When they got away from their house as the whole house explodes, the house from the previous shots is suddenly back to normal.
    • How did the human characters manage to get through a fast-moving fan engine?
  15. Many of the action scenes tried so hard to be fun, and exciting, but most of the action scenes were generic, and mediocre throughout the movie. – N/A (they did try to be exciting, and THEY ACTUALLY NAILED IT!!!!!!! 😁)
  16. Michael Bay was so lazy he didn’t fix some errors in the movie, such as scenes going in day, then night and then day again, and the location of American buildings in Hong Kong. – Strong (well, even in the most overhated Michael Bay film, it is directed by Bay, so of course he couldn’t go without a mention)
  17. Galvatron using the seed to destroy the planet feels pointless and feels like it’s only added to make Megatron (reborn as Galvatron in this movie) to be a villain. – Moderate
  18. It creates numerous produced placements everywhere across the film, especially for CNN, Oreo cookies, Goodyear, etc.., some of these can be barely noticable but others are extremely hard to not notice, such as the Pill from Beats. – Strong (but also partial because the transformations themselves make the action start with a bang before they go that way)
    • What’s more, whatever you liked My Little Pony, or not, there is a very shoehorned and shameless produce placement from Hasbro that Rainbow Dash appears from My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicBTSW as it turns Rainbow Dash into a gun.

Good Qualities

  1. The CGI is great, unlike the previous films. – Strong (if partial since it keeps the same look as the rest of the Bayformers franchise
  2. Top-notch sound design, also just like the previous films. The Blu-ray (both the 2D and 3D releases) was the first to utilize Dolby Atmos audio. – Incredible
  3. The cinematography isn’t too bad (in fact, it’s actually GREAT despite sometimes having the shaky camera bs Bay is notorious for), even in the IMAX 3D version. – Incredible
  4. The change of characters and setting is kinda nice. – Incredible
  5. The dark tone of humanity betraying the Autobots was brilliantly executed. – Incredible
  6. Lockdown is a decent villain, instead of being Megatron’s boss or trying to destroy the world, he’s a bounty hunter trying to capture Prime and stop anyone in his way. – Incredible
  7. Ratchet’s death was really sad. – Incredible
  8. Cade Yeager is a very likeable protagonist and a supermassive (not redundant) step-up from Sam Witwicky, thanks to Mark Wahlberg’s sincere acting. – Incredible
  9. More than the others (Dark of the Moon to a lesser extent), the Transformers do almost get a lot of screen time, which it still makes it feel like this is a Transformers movie. – Incredible
  10. Decent final battle at Hong Kong. – Incredible
  11. We get a good look at how Transformers change from one car to another. – Incredible
  12. Optimus Prime being angry over his dead friends was kind of chilling. – Incredible
  13. The fighting scenes are a great step-up from the previous films. – Incredible
  14. The soundtrack that was performed by Steve Jablonsky and Imagine Dragons is the best-selling point to this movie. – Incredible (yes, even I think Imagine Dragons can make great songs like It’s Time… sometimes.)
  15. Great voice acting for the Transformers, especially Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime, who adds a lot more human emotion into his performance this time. – Incredible
  16. Hound’s “fat ballerina” line is hilarious. – Strong
  17. Re-introducing Megatron as Galvatron can please some fans (At least until he returns as Megatron again in the next film). – Incredible


The Last Knight

Bad Qualities (of Betrayal)

  1. This film repeats the same plot from it’sprevious Transformers movies. If you’ve seen the previous movies or its first one, then you’ve already seen this film. – Incredible
  2. The writing is very messy and poor considering the fact that it took seven writers for this film’s script. – Incredible
  3. Confusing and incomprehensible plot that is full of retcons, continuity errors, and plot-holes. – Incredible
    • Megatron was actually Galvatron from the last film, now he’s Megatron again?
    • Optimus claimed that he hasn’t heard Bumblebee speak since the fall of Cybertron, even though he talked (though temporary) in the first movie.
    • In the first movie, Optimus Prime says they learned Earth Language through the World Wide Web, yet the transformers can talk English normally during the King Author era.
    • Speaking of which, after the first movie, Bumblebee doesn’t talk in the other Transformers films, but in here, he does without any explanation why.
    • Cybertron was said to be destroyed in the previous movies, yet in this movie it’s actually still around, but dying.
    • How did Bumblebee even fight thoughout World War II?
    • A little rapid hand watch Transformer apparently killed Hitler?
    • Sir Edmund Burton says that an autobot would pass on to every Witwicky and serve them, yet Sam Witwicky’s parents were shocked to know about the transformers.
    • The biggest plot-hole of them all, Megatron negotiates with Lennox about releasing certain Decepticons out of prison, which doesn’t make sense since Megatron can free them himself or the Deceptions can free themselves since they’re large robots. It doesn’t help the fact that N.E.S.T. should have destroyed them, there’s no reason for them to “arrest” them other than for making this scene.
    • Chicago is still a ruined city despite it being rebuilt in the previous film.
  4. The acting of the human characters from actors such as Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci is very hammy and poor, but not as much as Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky (then again, that’s impossible to top) – Strong
  5. Some characters from the previous film, peculiarly Grimlock, rarely appear in this film. – Incredible
  6. The Dinobots here are worse since they act more as pets instead of fighting at all. – Incredible
  7. It, yet again, over-uses a lot of explosions, because since it is a Michael Bay film. – Incredible
  8. Some of the robots/transformers are obvious rip-offs from Star Wars, such as Squeeks being an obvious clone of R2D2 – Incredible
  9. The film focuses more on establishing sequels (which it failed to do because unlike all of its predecessors, it bombed miserably for somehow being the worst of the worst of JUST ONE Bayformers film could be picked as worse than the rest) than focusing on its own story. – Incredible
  10. The soundtrack, while it’s still pretty good, isn’t quite as memorable compared to previous installments in the franchise. – Mild
  11. It keeps switching aspect ratios. Unlike Christopher Nolan’s movies, which switch from widescreen to IMAX when a major action scene happens, this switches from 1.85:1 (TV aspect ratio, close to IMAX), 2.00:1 (Univisium aspect ratio, popular on Netflix) and 2.35:1 (common cinema aspect ratio) at random points, even during conversations, which is very distracting. It doesn’t help the fact it took six editors to edit this movie.
    • Speaking of said editing, the movie also has numerous frame-rate drops. – Incredible
  12. The action sequences are bland, lazy and a step back from the previous installments and are very disorienting to watch. – Incredible
  13. False Advertising: The trailers and posters made it look like Optimus Prime was going to be the main antagonist of the film. But he is barely in the film and just in it at the third act. – Incredible
    • Speaking of which, the whole movie made it so obvious that Optimus Prime is the evil autobot right from the first time we see him on screen.
  14. The ending is completely abysmal and nothing more than sequel-bait. – Incredible
  15. The cinematography is lazy and terrible as makes it feel more like a direct-to-video and/or made for TV movie. – Incredible
  16. So much padding and pointless filler that makes it feel longer. – Incredible
    • Because of this, there wasn’t any character development for anyone.
  17. The CGI is still a joke, just like the previous films (except for the obvious) – Strong

(Barely) Redeeming Qualities

  1. Great (well, with the worst movie they had to work with) voice acting from the Autobots, thanks to the cast reprising their roles. – Mild
  2. Cade Yeager is still a tolerable protagonist. – Mild
  3. Unlike Transformers: Age of Extinction, the filmmakers managed to tone down the product placement. – N/A (all is not forgiven)
  4. Although short, Optimus Prime’s fight with Bumblebee is epic. – N/A (it wasn’t surprising how misdirected the action and overhyped the action in Bayformers films including TLK was, but it was surprising how short it was. So it’s the other way around).
  5. Its successor, BumblebeeGMW, is a major improvement over the film. (Strong)


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